Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door “Our Story Begins” trailer released

by on March 27, 2024

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, explaining the story for newcomers to the remake.

It was nearly twenty years ago the original was released (in late 2004 for Nintendo GameCube), so there’s a high chance that a lot of people will have heard about one of the “greatest RPGs we’ve ever played”, but not actually played it for themselves. So with that in mind, ahead of the May release for the remake, Nintendo has put out a trailer for the Intelligent Systems title showing off some of the story beats, and what people can expect.

Check it out, below:


After Princess Peach asks for his help on a treasure hunt, Mario heads to the town of Rogueport. But when he arrives, Peach is nowhere to be seen! Upon learning about the legend of the Crystal Stars, Mario sets out to find these mythical treasures and hopefully track down Peach along the way.

Of course, Mario isn’t the only one hoping to find the Crystal Stars – and it’s not just Bowser who’s looking to cause trouble this time either! Can our hero find these ancient artifacts, open the Thousand-Year Door and maybe even save the world?

To find the Crystal Stars, you’ll have to venture beyond the walls of Rogueport and see the world! All kind of discoveries are waiting for you: a huge dragon hiding in a creepy castle, a cursed town cloaked in perpetual twilight, daring detective work aboard a moving train and much more!

The last title in the series was actually Paper Mario: The Origami King in 2020, which I really liked, scoring it a 9/10 and saying: “The Origami King is a triumph in so many ways, I can’t stress that enough. Presentation wise it is incredible, and the world feels fully alive, open, and vast, with many a way to explore it. The combat is so close to genius, too.

While the boss fights are some of the best I’ve seen anywhere thanks to how unique they are, I can’t pretend I wasn’t avoiding battles with the standard enemies by the end. Still, this is by far the best Paper Mario game in a great long while, and if you can accept it’s not quite an RPG by most people’s definitions, and instead appreciate a sprawling, beautiful action adventure with turn-based combat, a great script, and a sublime soundtrack, you’ll have a wonderful time”.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 23rd.