How Are Neon Lights Making A Statement In 2021?

by on May 28, 2021

The warm glow of neon lights that once lit up the streets of Las Vegas has made a comeback. This time, artsier and much brighter! Having garnered commercial popularity in the first half of the twentieth century, beautiful neon lights became obscure in the 1960s. Initially, only linked to advertising, now these signs have nestled into our homes and even evolved into a form of art. Let us have a look at the ubiquity of neon signs in 2021. 

Luminous Decor 

Neon signs have made their way into the world of interior design. They exude a retro vibe that is nostalgic and reminds us of the time gone by. At the same time, the vibrance of the lights goes perfectly with the energy of 2021. Having stayed inside their homes for more than a year has made people introduce some colourful hues into their interiors. What can do the job better than neon lights, right? It is an easy way to reinvent your space and make you feel like you’re sitting in a dimly lit restaurant. 

Fun space for the little ones! 

Soft lighting has a wider scope than aesthetics. It works as night lighting for the kid’s room. With the latest custom neon signs, you can practically bend the light in any shape that you want. Whether you want a calming cloud or a quirky cactus, you can get it with the soft glow of the sign. Nighttime can be scary for the little ones, so this is also a fun way to infuse the space with a comforting atmosphere. 

Making Restaurants and Cafes Lit

There was a time when neon lights were limited to outdoor advertising and even today we see some signs outside the diners and ramen shops. However, restaurants and cafes have been experimenting for a while and today, you are more likely to see a neon sign gracing the indoor space of a restaurant. It is no more limited to a means of beckoning potential customers but it has become a part of the ambience. Today neon signs are exhibited as a piece of art in cafes and restaurants. Some even have them installed in the washrooms for a fun vibe and it works! 

Life of the Party

Neon can be a whole theme in itself and it can also do the work of accenting your theme. A simple installation of a neon sign can change the mood of the space. The bright energy has a welcoming feel to it and it exudes a warm feeling which people find inviting. It can transform your living room into a party zone and so it is being embraced by more and more Millennials. 

Neon lights not just a vintage article reminiscent of the 30s or 40s that no longer exist. It is an invention that evolved over the years and got adopted by designers, artists, and advertisers. Its beauty lies in its versatility and its ability to light up any space, be it a dim alleyway or your living room.

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