Using Customer Feedback To Improve Employee Learning

by on May 30, 2021

With strong customer service and more positive customer experiences, a brand can accelerate its climb up the ladder of success. This is why businesses spend a significant amount training their employees to better serve their customers.

Customer service training is an excellent way to ensure your employees are able to address all the customer concerns and ensure they have a satisfying experience. With the advancement in technology, it is now possible to train employees digitally.

Tools like the LMS automate the entire process of delivery and management of online learning courses. Online courses are more engaging and save time spent by employees on learning. Especially for customer service reps, it is crucial to provide quick learning solutions.

With multiple LMS options available today, you can easily pick one that has the necessary features and aligns with your organizational training goals. Do not forget to check reviews before making the purchase. 

For instance, most of the Thinkific review show that it is very easy to use and provides excellent customer support. Having a user-friendly platform like Thinkfic can make it easy for your employees to quickly navigate and find what they are looking for.

But how can businesses ensure employees keep providing excellent customer service? One of the best ways is to seek customer feedback and reviews to help your employees understand what’s working & what’s not. 

Here’s how customer feedback helps in crafting a more successful employee learning experience:

1. Gather valuable data:

A lot of times it can get challenging to understand whether or not the employee training is successful in delivering the necessary knowledge. Only when employees interact with the customers can they get a chance to use their training knowledge.

Based on customer feedback, it becomes easy to spot inconsistencies in performance. You can get your hands on valuable information from employees too about the missing elements in the training that can enhance their learning.

2. Better understanding of where employees are falling short:

With customer feedback, it becomes clear how the employees are approaching the customers and whether or not their approach is successful. It becomes easy to spot where an employee may be making a mistake.

With this information, the employee training program can be updated to include additional topics to help employees understand what they are doing wrong and how to handle those kinds of situations instead.

3. Use role-play to recreate scenarios:

If certain elements cannot be taught through an online course, they can be recreated through informal instructor-led training. With this training exercise, employees can learn from role-playing how to deal with certain customers 

One of the best things about role-play exercises is that it helps employees practice in a safe environment without pressure and develop confidence. This ensures that when they are handling a customer, they can deliver a more positive experience to them.

4. Incorporate most successful practices:

For every business, there are certain tried and tested methods that always work. By collecting feedback you can understand which of the methods are being appreciated the most. You can reinforce the use of those methods by including them in the training.

When these methods & strategies become a part of the new hires’ training program, it leads to more focused learning that provides better results. This saves the time invested in trial and error and guarantees higher customer satisfaction.


Your employees need to be on the top of their game to ensure customers keep coming back for more. This makes it essential to seek customer feedback and learn from it how to better your employee training program. With the right use of this feedback, you can find a reliable way to ensure your customers always feel satisfied with the customer service support.