Programmable Smart Blinds Help Improve Your Sleeping Habits

by on June 23, 2021

In todays fast life, when we are rushing to meet deadlines, manage a work-life balance, every minute  is precious. Even the few minutes which we waste in opening and closing the blinds and curtains at  home or at workplace can be minimized if we look at smart home-care solutions.  

In the current situation, when the world is grappling to cope up with a new normal situation during the  pandemic, and most of us are working from home, our responsibilities have increased greatly. There are multiple doors and windows in the home, and as the day progresses, we have to open and close the  window blinds and shades as per our needs. Programmable smart blinds are a solution to make our lives easy.  

Motorized Blinds or programmable smart blinds are the modern window treatments in the world of  smart window coverings. They come with an automatic tilt control with remote control channels and  make our cumbersome job of opening and closing the blinds in a day easy. They operate smoothly on  the large or hard-to-reach windows.  

These easy to operate programmable smart blinds are powered by Somfy RTS motors. There are  multiple power options available to suit our daily needs. Remote control blinds are revolutionizing  window treatment ideas, as we are used to using them for our TV, music system and many other  gadgets. In fact, many of the window treatments can be synced up with Alexa or other virtual  assistants and can be voice-controlled too. You can control not just one, but groups of blinds together  with the different remote controls.  

Our Zebrablinds.ca site has a number of options for programmable smart blinds for you to choose  from. Lets look at the features of some of the blinds which will reduce our workload during these  stressful times. Note that for many of these blinds, to get truly smartfunctionality, you will need an  add-on Z-wave smart bridge, otherwise you can still control them with a remote.  

2 Inch Vinyl Graber Motorized Blinds-We have lowered the price of these programmable  smart blinds to make your investment seamless. They will cost you less than $500 per piece,  for a standard 24*24 inch window covering. 2 Inch Vinyl Graber Motorized Blinds come with  neutral colours like Crown Misty Gray 3050, Crown Alabaster 3112 and close to 50 other  colors to choose from.  

On the side facing the street, these motorised blinds will give you ample privacy and Graber’s  patented sure lock system will keep the blinds in place. The shade is operated using a cord lift  and motorized tilt. The motorized tilt can be controlled with a smart phone using a My Link  Wi-Fi bridge or connect to a smart home automation system such as Smart Things using a  ZRTSCI II Z-Wave to RTS bridge.Motorization will only tilt the slats, however manual with  cord lift needs to be used for raising or lowering the blinds.  

These programmable smart blinds can be operated from virtually anywhere in the home.  These innovative window coverings will efficiently manage your electricity bills by managing  the heat gain and loss through the blinds. These programmable smart blinds can be easily integrated with home automation systems. Low voltage motorization does not require any  expensive electrical hard-wiring, and hence you need not make any drills and holes in your  property. If you are staying in a leased apartment, you still can install these programmable  smart blinds without any hassle. 

These programmable smart blinds are water immersible, and hence cleaning them is quite  hassle-free. Georgetown Flax 3071, Safari Buffalo 3105 and Safari Moccasin 3106 are some  of the shades in brown which is liked by home owners in Canada a lot.  

2 Inch Aluminium Grandeur Graber Motorized Blinds-These programmable smart  blinds are very light and durable as they are made up of long-lasting metal aluminium. They  come in an excellent selection of eye-catching colours, and there are 18 colors to choose  from.  

Neutral colors like Perfect Greige 122 and Winter White 386 are the most fast-moving shades  in this section. Even the greys like Brushed Aluminum 121 and Cement 983 are quite popular  with the patrons of our website zebrablinds.ca. Many of our repeat customers have come back  to us with these requirements when they invested in new properties and wanted to dress up  

their windows and doors.  

These programmable smart blinds are available in .008-gauge aluminum which provides  additional durability and provides a premium feel. To lift the blind, you will have to use the  corded lift mechanism. To tilt these blinds, you have to use the remote control to activate its  

motorized tilt. These programmable smart blinds are very convenient to close and open,  and you can assign this task to the teenagers in the family as a daily chore to be performed.  Additionally, a MyLink Wi-Fi bridge can be used to control the motor from your smartphone.  You may choose to connect a ZRTSCI II Z-Wave to RTS bridge too, to connect the blinds to  an easy-to-use home automation.  

2 Inch Traditions Graber Composite Motorized Blinds-2 Inch Traditions Graber  Composite Motorized Blinds give the look and feel of normal real wood blinds. Though these  programmable smart blinds are available only in 5 colors, and all of them are the variants  of white, they look very elegant and serene.  

These programmable smart blinds share the same properties that of real wooden blinds. They are extremely light weight and have an excellent finish. The motorized tilt makes it easy  for us to operate the blinds. The addition of a MyLink Wi-Fi bridge will allow you to control  the blinds from your smart phone.You can integrate a ZRTSCI II Z-Wave to RTS bridge with  Z-Wave compatible home automation systems such as Smart Things and control these blinds.  

2 Inch Traditions Graber Wood Motorized Blinds-The SureClose® steel headrail provides  optimum closure and light control. These real wood programmable smart blinds come in  more than three dozen colors which are very close to the real wood color. You may choose  

Walnut 1012, Saddle Brown 1694 or Roasted Chestnut 1849 if you are looking for darker  shades for your bedrooms. And you may use Knotty Pine 1515, Natural 1007 or other lighter  colors in the patios and living areas. Apart from brown, beige and white shades, there are a  few grey shades which look very captivating and attractive.  

The rest of the features pertaining to the motorised programming remain the same as the ones  like 2 Inch Traditions Graber Composite Motorized Blinds. This product can be installed  easily at your home and you wont have to go through much hassles in its maintenance. You  can use the professional soil removal or spot cleaning services from time to time, and on a  regular basis, you may just use your regular vacuum cleaner to clean these programmable  smart blinds. 

Some of the reasons why you should go for these programmable smart blinds  

  1. Nothing can be more convenient when you get to raise and lower these  

programmable smart blinds with the touch of a button on the remote controller or  your smart phone. You can also automate them by setting a scheduled command.  

  1. You can save considerable on your electricity bills as these programmable smart  blinds will keep your interiors warm during the winters, and will not allow the  outside sunshine and heat to disrupt the inside temperature during the summer  months.  
  2. You can pair the programmable smart blinds with smart lights and cut down on  your electricity bills. In such situations, if it is sunny outside and the blinds are raised,  the smart lights will automatically turn off, thus saving on your power bills. Youll  need a ZRTSI Z-wave bridge to connect these to a smart hub for that functionality.  
  3. If you have toddlers or pets at home, might be worried about the serious strangulation  hazard which the traditional window treatments pose to them. These programmable  smart blinds will not come with cords and hence are safe for kids and pets at home.  
  4. If you add a remote-control feature or set a schedule on the programmable smart  blinds then they will allow increased security for your home when you are away on a  vacation. If there are thieves who had set eyes to your home, then they will be fooled  thinking there are people in your premises. You can activate the options of the blinds  shutting down automatically when the occupants are not at home. They will  

automatically open up in the mornings if the blinds are connected to geo-fencing and  your smartphone.  

  1. Using programmable smart blinds will let you raise and lower the hard-to-reach  blinds, if your windows are high up in the wall or are tall and your hands don’t reach  till there. At just the click of a button or a command spoken to your home assistants  like Alexa or Google will do the job easily.  
  2. A home that is adorned with programmable smart blinds will fetch better prices  when you get to sell your property in the market in future.  


So, what are you waiting for? Even though these programmable smart blinds are a little expensive option, if you look at the collective convenience and savings in your energy bills, you will not hesitate to invest on them right now.