Color puzzle game Indigo 7 is now available on PS5 and PS4

by on July 6, 2021

Dolores Entertainment announced today that Indigo 7, their new color puzzle game is finally available on PS5 and PS4. It also will be available worldwide on Xbox (One, Series S and Series X) and Nintendo Switch on July 8, 2021.

Be prepared to live an intense coming-of-age summer story about the power of friendship and music to ease the pain of a broken heart. Play on your own against the AI or invite up to 3 friends to fight them in local co-op modes, each crazier than the last.

You can watch the launch trailer for Indigo 7 here:

About Indigo 7

Indigo 7 tells the story of Nathan and his music band, who go on holiday together after him being dumped by his girlfriend. In a beautiful coastal city, he finally recovers his will to live after meeting a girl named Debbie and becoming involved in a battle of bands with his friends. But the path to success won’t be so easy, since Nathan starts finding new rivals that come between him and his happy ending. In that situation, there’s only one thing to do – smash them with the power of music.

Indigo 7

  • Remember the best times of your teen years through an exciting comic-styled story where music and love are the best medicine for a broken heart.
  • Master the art of puzzle-solving in the Campaign Mode. Overcome 32 challenges with different color and time-related rules that will drive you crazy.
  • Enjoy the game on your own or play against your friends in local co-op or versus modes.
  • Customize the difficulty by choosing the number of colors on the board, and the available time to conquer it.
  • Unlock up to 11 playable characters after finishing their corresponding chapters of the story.
  • Thrill with every battle thanks to Indigo 7’s official broadcaster’s live comments.

Indigo 7 is available now on PS5 and PS4.  Available on Xbox (One, Series S and Series X) and Nintendo Switch on July 8, 2021.