Embracing technological shift in the industry with Parimatch

by on August 6, 2021

There is no way around the fact that gambling industry is going digital at a faster pace every year. The development of the technologies allows creating new forms of entertainment and pushes companies on the market to do better. Sergey Portnov, the CEO of our company believes that it is only possible to conquer the hearts of customers by constantly improving and providing champion-like services. Such a competitive approach definitely works as the success of Parimatch platform, explicitly shows every year.

Statistical evaluation of the results

Established back in 1994 we focused on providing fruit machines for land-based facilities in Ukraine. However, having seen the opportunity of discovering a new segment of the market, we made a move and went digital.

Currently we have over 2.6 million happy clients from Africa, Central Asia and Europe. Here are some financial data as for 2019 for reinforcing our words with facts:

  1. Total value of bets – 2 billion USD;
  2. Annual growth – 43%;
  3. Number of valuable industry awards – 4;
  4. Average monthly increase of active players – 33%.

However, it did take a lot to get to this point, claims Parimatch CEO. Taking multiple risky paths, exploring new possibilities and investing staggering sums surely paid off.

What makes us special?

People who use our services are the top priority. Whether it is about the quality of the betting experience they get, the responsiveness of the support team or even simply the advertisement campaigns we launch to get more traction. Their eagerness to join the game is what keeps the company going.

Quality promotion is also crucial. Our world-famous partners like Mike Tyson (former World Heavyweight Champion) and Conor McGregor (Ultimate Fighting Champion) create a solid reputation for the platform and heat up the interest of the players that are still on the fence about joining the community.

New ambassadors of the company:

  • Juventus FC;
  • LaLiga;
  • Everton FC;
  • Leicester City FC.

Parimatch showcases the necessity of global and international promotion coverage for increasing the fan base significantly. Taking new markets by storm opens up a world of opportunities. For instance, the company managed to take its services to the United Kingdom with the help of franchising and licensing.

Social Responsibility matters

While the ability to take the risk and time its consequences is certainly a key aspect of growing in the gambling industry, companies should remember about taking responsibility. Parimatch is a great example of being great at both. Supplying a community with the resources to educate and involve its younger members into a healthy lifestyle is one of the priorities here.

Being the leader of the whole industry is not easy. Moreover, leadership is something you can easily lose by making a minor mistake. However, Parimatch strives to implement innovation and always takes a risky path if it potentially can make its services better.