How to Become an Instagram Gaming Influencer

by on August 8, 2021

Have you ever noticed just how many gamers have made their way onto Instagram and want to know how they have done this? Do you want to find success on Instagram as a gamer but don’t know how to get to that point.?

Becoming an Instagram influencer is not as easy as it seems, especially if gaming is the niche that you want to be part of because of just how much competition there is. There are many things you need to consider before becoming one. Not only do you need to be good at the game and know how to get your point across in a few seconds, but you also need to make sure that you have the right equipment for recording your gameplay. 

Without these components, it will be hard for anyone to take you seriously in what you are saying, or find you interesting enough to follow. Followers are one of the most important aspects of becoming an influencer on Instagram, which is why many people are now using growth services like Growthoid to gain Instagram followers. If you want to know how you can become a gaming influencer, here is what you should be doing. 

Choose a game you are passionate about

When it comes to becoming successful on Instagram as an influencer in the gaming niche, it is all about the games you enjoy playing. Games are the top priority and when it comes to creating content for your Instagram page, when you are not posting about the equipment you are using, or posting reviews on various different things, you should be playing a game that you are passionate about.

Choosing a game to play that you don’t enjoy or that just doesn’t spark any kind of entertainment for you, will leave you feeling bored and your viewers will be able to pick up on this. By playing a game you are passionate about, both you and your audience will be able to enjoy the experience and there will be more content for you to make about the game. 

Figure out what style of content you want to make 

Next up you have the style of content that you are creating. Before you even get your gaming account up and running, you need to have a clear idea of the kind of content you want to be posting in order to target potential followers

You may think that as a gamer, all you can post is game play on your favorite games, but there are endless amounts of content for you to capitalize on. For Instagram you could choose anything from tutorials on how to play different games, reviews on different games, share the different kinds of equipment you are using, show off your game play, try different kinds of games for the audience to see, and so much more. 

It is important to not make too much of a variety that doesn’t look like it is from the same account, so stick to a few things and you are guaranteed to grow your audience. 

Create a catchy and original username for yourself on Instagram

A big way to make yourself more noticeable on Instagram, especially as a gamer, is by having a simple and catchy username. Your username is one of the most important parts of your account and profile and the way that people will recognize and search for your account. 

When choosing a username as a gamer, you might want to think about including something to do with gaming in the name so that people know what to expect from your account. 

Stay consistent and post at least once per day

Last but not least, consistency is one of the most important aspects to growing any kind of Instagram account, including one for gamers. The key to success is having an account that has a consistent theme and style but also is posting regularly. 

You should be posting as many times as possible and be making use of all of the different features that are available to you in order to reach as many people as possible on the platform. By posting consistently you give your account the best chance at being noticed by as many people as possible.

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