New World Leveling Guide

by on September 1, 2021

Yeah, we know. You were probably scrolling through your YouTube feed and came across the trailer for Amazon Games’ New World MMO, took one look at it and were already hooked! We can’t blame you, New World is popular and beautiful.

If you managed to get some action in the game while it was in its open beta, you probably learned a thing or two about the game, but want to know more; like what is Jewel Crafting, the New World best build, or what is the best way to leveling up fast in New World MMO?

And I’m sure a lot of you didn’t get a chance to try the game out and are waiting for its eventual release in September. Whatever be the case, we at SSEGold have come up with a New World MMO Leveling Guide to give you a juicy head start over others!

Ready to be enlightened? Then let’s jump right in!

New World Character Creation 

If you are completely clueless about New World, you are probably wondering what character classes they have for you to pick between, right? Well, that’s something you don’t have to think about.

The New World MMO does not have classes i.e. there is no determined path for character progression. The game does not force you to pick classes like the Assassin or the Berserker, but rather, a single character that you get to physically customize that acts like a blank canvas in terms of gameplay, hence, it would be tough to talk about a New World best build.

You can select your own playstyle and change it up as and when you feel like it, equipping a sword and shield to play the tank role and then taking on a bow for some long-ranged combat. You can be proficient with different every single trade skill (professions eg.- jewel crafting), allowing you to mine, craft and gather all at one time.

Listen, we can talk all day about jewel crafting, gathering, and leveling up fast in New World, but we understand that some of you may not have the patience to even wait till September, and you may want to play other cool games in the meantime.

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Leveling in New World

When it comes to leveling, there are 2 primary methods to gain experience and level: killing monsters and completing quests. Refine, craft and gather as trade skills also provides you with experience. Just hover your cursor over the bar on the bottom of your screen to find out how much progress you’ve made

After every level you gain, you attain an attribute point which you can spend on the following attributes: 

  • Strength: Boosts melee weapon damage
  • Dexterity: Boosts ranged weapon damage
  • Intelligence: Boosts magic attack damage
  • Focus: Increases your mana pool along with your abilities’ cooldowns
  • Constitution: Increases your health pool

It is important to note that level 1 grants you 5 points in all of the attributes. Every level gained after that gives you +1 attribute point that you can add in any attribute.

Another important aspect in leveling are the character level milestones. Below, we have specified what each of those milestones are: 

  • Level 5: Second Weapon Slot
  • Level 10: Ring Slot
  • Level 15: Third Quick Slot and Camping Tier 2
  • Level 20: Earring Slot and Camping Tier 3
  • Level 30: Second Bag Slot and Third Weapons Slot 
  • Level 35: Camping Tier 4
  • Level 45: Third Bag Slot and Fourth Quick Slot
  • Level 50: Camping Tier 5

Notable Leveling Builds

There is no ‘New World Best Build’, as there are way too many variables to take into consideration + the meta hasn’t had time to develop. But in case of leveling, here are some nifty builds we recommend:


Without a doubt, you want to level up quickly, and a build that prioritizes speed will help you with that. 

To get some amazing mobility for quick traveling, try combining the Hatchet with the Berserk Mastery

Pairing it with the Archer’s Speed Master for the bow will have you zipping everywhere in no time!


You are definitely going to encounter tons of monsters at one time when you level, and sustainability is a big factor in your success for leveling quickly. 

We recommend you go for the Berserking Refresh Mastery within the Hatchet’s Berserk Mastery to provide you with a small amount of health regen while Berserk remains active.

If you’re a bow wielder, the most we can recommend is the Hawkeye Mastery, which will heal you for 10% of the damage you deal if the kill was through a headshot.

Tips to Level Faster

The following tips we are going to elaborate on are for you to not make newbie mistakes while leveling while giving you insider information on how you can level faster:

  • You need to hit a mob at least once or engage in combat with it in some way to attain experience; there is no tagging method in the New World MMO.


  • It is optimal to invest in stats that compliment the role you are playing. If you are playing a melee role, invest in Strength, Dexterity for ranged, etc. if you want to attain your New World best build. 
  • If you see a New World quest, accept it. Do as many quests as you can if leveling up fast in the New World is your goal.
  • Before sticking to one or just a few trade skills, experiment with many especially rewarding ones like Jewel Crafting. Only after dabbling in the trade skills of Refine, Craft and Gather will you find what suits you

  • A nifty trick to help you cover large distances in the early game is Respawning. Place your camp, kill yourself through the menu, and voila, you’re back at your camp!
  • If there is a shrine nearby, you can travel to them to save a bunch of your time between one New World quest and the next.

And that concludes our leveling guide for the New World MMO. Liked our content? Make sure to browse through our website for more!

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