Ragnarok Origin Closed Beta End on 9/27!

by on September 27, 2021

Ragnarok Origin is a Re-imagination of the cult Korean MMO experience Ragnarok Online, developed by some of the original team members of the series. Ragnarok Origin is also fit for a new audience or for returning players who might not have as much free time as in their youth, as the game comes in with built-in auto modes to help out with the farming. Ragnarok Origin delivers the authentic old-school MMORPG experience to a new player base, presenting the classic world of Ragnarok Online for mobile players.  

Ragnarok Origin has detailed 3D graphics, improved combat and reworked quests. Choosing your class from one of six highly customizable character classes and free to explore, fight, quest and socialize, whether playing solo (alongside recruitable NPC mercenaries), with a party of friends or an entire adventuring guild, Ragnarok Origin offers a truly classic MMORPG experience, full of freedom, danger and endless possibilities.

Key Features:

  • A classic MMORPG re-imagined for the modern age– experience freedom like never before
  • Master the six character classes in this adventure, from brave swordsmen to industrious merchants
  • Explore a massive open world, having dozens of dungeons and four massive cities
  • Dress to impress! From shining plate armor to the finest in social wear – pick your look
  • Encounter iconic and classic monster designs, like the adorably squishy Porings

How to Play Ragnarok Origin on your Phone:

Ragnarok Origin closed beta is open from September 23 to September 27 at 4 PM PT. To have a chance to play the closed beta of Ragnarok Origin, you’ll have to pre-register. To do that, you’ll need to go to your phone’s respective app store, mostly in this case is the Google Play Store. Enter the game’s page. It will be the first result; press the pre-register button. On Android devices, you’ll have the option of downloading the closed beta automatically when it goes live. 

Not everyone will be able to get their hands on the closed beta as for IOS devices, the download limit for the closed beta will be 10,000. However, there is no cap on how many people can download on Android devices. 

With every pre-registering player are receiving a bundle of bonus starting items, with additional rewards available, each player will receive the following at the launch with four more tiers of additional items yet to be unlocked:

  • 1x Ring For Beginners (Stat boosting equipment)
  • 3x Boxes of Potions (Consumable health, mana and food items)
  • 1x Gym Pass (Permanently increases inventory capacity)

Ragnarok Games by Gravity:

Following are the Ragnarok games released by Gravity:

  • Ragnarok M: Eternal Love
  • Go Ragnarok
  • Ragnarok Tactics
  • Ragnarok Labyrinth
  • Ragnarok: Poring Merge

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – This game is an MMORPG released in 2018, which exactly recreates the old Ragnarok Online. This game is made for the mobile instead of its predecessor, which was the only PC. You embark on an adventure in Midgard that simulates your adventurous nature.

Go Ragnarok – is an MMORPG in which you play together with 5 members of your team and improve all of them while adventuring having an endless combination of classes. Released for the Korean audience.

Ragnarok Tactics – is and Strategy RPG released for Playstation Portable in 2012 and is a spin-off game of Ragnarok Online where player’s choices have a huge impact on the game’s outcome.

Ragnarok Labyrinth – The Adventure starts in a Labyrinth in this Mobile game released in 2021. The game has various unique personalities, so you can discover adorable and charming characters while playing along with your friends. 

Ragnarok: Poring Merge – this game used the same mechanics as an auto-chess game to make your porings stronger and was released in 2020 for the fans of the IP and genre.

Ragnarok Origins – Origins has been touted as the beautified version of Ragnarok Eternal Love and would include many of the best aspects of Eternal Love and much better graphics than Ragnarok X generation, though it is yet to finalize when the game finally launches. The game can be switched from 2.5D to fully 3D at any time, having a brand new storyline. While Origins is termed as less grindy, ROX generation is more F2P friendly.

How to Play Ragnarok games on PC?

You can play almost all android games on PC by using an Emulator to run a virtual environment that can successfully emulate a mobile right there on your PC. Similarly, all other Ragnarok games are playable on PC that has been released for android this way. Let’s see the steps required for you to play on PC, and then we will discuss the benefits of using an emulator like LDPlayer. Following are the steps to play these games on PC:

  • Download LDPlayer, the Android Emulator, from its official website.
  • Prepare your computer for installing LDPlayer after downloading and run the installation program.
  • You can follow the steps prompted to you by the software.
  • You can use your old Google sign-in or create a new one to your Gmail account.
  • Search any Ragnarok game in one of the 3 marketplaces provided in the LDPlayer emulator like its LD Store, Google Play Store, etc.
  • You can obtain APK files from other websites as well. Drag and drag the file into the LDPlayer emulator for continuous playback and installation.
  • You will find the installed game on the home page of the Emulator.
  • Run the game from the icon and have fun.

LDPlayer Features:

One of the main reasons behind using LDPlayer is its support for all kinds and tiers of PCs. It provides the best seamless integration of graphical enhancement and increases fidelity through all of its features, some of which are as follows:

  • Setting Macros – Setting up Macros from small and easy execution to complex and long actions.
  • Operation Synchronization – LDPlayer provides Synchronization, which is built-in. You don’t have to install any extra app just for this purpose. Syncing is a creative way to do the same function over multiple accounts and instances.
  • Screen Recording – Making this seamless feature for all those gamers who would like to share their gameplay and upload it on YouTube and other websites.
  • Controller Support – The best option for players that want to connect their controller for their favorite games.
  • Customization – You have all the options to tweak around your Emulator and even can change the type of mobile and tablet to your demand.


Fans are eager to play the game or at least get to know more about the mechanics in the game. The main curiosity stems from what’s so different in Origins from other MMORPG of the Ragnarok franchise. Is it the graphics? Or more fleshed-out classes? What are the drop rates of loot? How fun and difficult are the bosses? How is the PvP aspect of the game going to be like? All these answers will be obtained when the game releases finally.