6 Tips for Spotting a Fake Online Casino

by on November 6, 2021

In recent years, the online gambling industry has experienced tremendous growth, offering players the convenience of enjoying casino games from anywhere. Besides enhancing player experience, advanced technologies have also led to increased online gambling fraud, leading to increased cases where fraudsters and scammers take advantage of unsuspecting gamblers. Be careful when looking for an online casino, and look out for the red flags identifying fake casinos. Here are tips for spotting a fake online casino.

1. Lack of relevant licensing

A gambling license serves as proof of an online casino’s legitimacy and can only be issued by a trusted gaming authority. To see the license, look at the bottom of the casino’s homepage and look for words like ‘licensed and regulated by’ followed by the name of the licensing body. You should also find the license number and confirm its legitimacy.

2. Find the testing certification

A legitimate online casino like Rainbow Riches should have testing certification from organizations that specialize in technical systems testing, online casino auditing, and iGaming. The auditing assures gamblers of game fairness and accuracy of the published returns. A legit casino adds badges with verifiable links to their certificates on the website’s homepage. An online casino without testing certificates is most likely fake.

3. Look at the available payment options

If an online casino doesn’t offer gamblers a variety of payment options, it serves as a warning sign that it could be fake. For example, an online casino that encourages players to use credit cards without giving you other options could mean that they want your credit card details.  A legitimate online casino has various payment options like cryptocurrency and PayPal, and they allow you to choose the method you prefer.

4. Look out for scandals

Online casino scandals may include fake advertisements and bonuses, failure to pay winnings, delayed payments, changing bonus terms on short notice, or excuses to have your account closed. Read online reviews and testimonials from past gamblers, or look up the potential casino sites that review online casinos. A legitimate casino will have little to no scandals after being operational for about five years or more.

5. Find the ownership information

Fake casinos hide behind web forms. They leave the contact us page on their site without providing full contact details. A legitimate online casino provides ownership details, several email contact addresses, addresses, phone numbers, and a live chat option. Avoid casinos that give you forms to fill in your contact information and no information on reaching them.   

6. Read or watch reviews

When a casino website is developed, veteran online casino players test it and give their honest opinions. Reading or watching reviews from people who are more knowledgeable about online casinos is a great way to spot a fake casino. Finding more negative reviews from several reviews is a red flag that could mean the casino in question is fake.


Besides offering casino players the flexibility to play from anywhere and at any time, online gambling is also risky as players may fall into the hands of fraudsters and scammers. Use the tips above to identify and evade fake online casinos.