Chuchel is coming to Nintendo Switch

by on November 9, 2021

As one of the weirdest yet most charismatic games of 2018, Chuchel went under a lot of people’s radars, especially being a PC-only title, but now it’s coming to Nintendo Switch, so more people can try it.

We actually didn’t get around to reviewing Chuchel here when it came out, so here’s hoping the Switch version gives us a chance to rectify that grievous error. I did, myself, have a look at the game with a short let’s play, however, which you can see below.

From what I remember from three years ago, I didn’t want to spoil too many of the puzzles, so it should be fine to watch even if you plan to play Chuchel on Switch when it comes out in 2022. 

This is all thanks to a deal done with the developer to let RedDeer become the co-developer for the Nintendo Switch version. Dominik Czarniga, creative director at RedDeer, said: “Chuchel charmed me with its original graphic style, great humor, and unconventional puzzles. I’m glad that we will be able to use our experience in creating and porting games for Nintendo Switch to develop a new version of this classic adventure game for this console”.

Lukas Kunce, PR manager at Amanita Design, seems equally please this will be happening. Kunce said: “To partner up with RedDeer.games and together bring the whimsical adventures of CHUCHEL onto Nintendo Switch is a perfect opportunity for us to introduce the game to a whole new audience”.

Chuchel is out now for PC, iOS, and Android, but the Switch version will be coming in 2022.