Everything You Should Know About The Mobile App Developer Before Hiring

by on November 9, 2021

Imagine it’s the birthday of a special someone and you have been planning it for weeks and on ‘THE’ day, just a few moments before the guests will begin to arrive and the celebrations will begin you realize that the cake that has been delivered is nothing like you had instructed your baker about. Wouldn’t that be among the most disappointing moments of your life? Maybe, you should have done some better inquiry and considered recommendations from people around you before finalizing the bakery.

Well, it was still just a cake. If the same happens to your mobile app, which certainly demands a lot more monetary investment and time than the cake then you might feel doomed. And you will have no choice but to look for another application developer who will either fix the same app or develop a new one, which ultimately means more investment on your part.

To avoid this fated situation, it becomes really important that you choose your web developing company with great care. You will find a pool of web and mobile development companies as well as freelancers in the market who would be eager to associate with your business. And trust me! The competition among the service providers is really fierce, thus you need to go for that first decision-making meeting with proper preparation because once you sign the deal, the app’s fate will be sealed alongside.

Here custom software development experts from IT company JatApp break down 7 must-ask questions before you hire any company or individual to create your business app. Keep this questionnaire handy as it will help you make the right choice and choose a better company for your business.


1. Which projects have you worked on till now?


Ask the company to take you through their portfolio. It is the most rational thing to ask since you can know about the kind of projects they are proficient in and the quality as well as the assortment of the work they have done since establishment. Besides, you will also get to know about the company’s repeat clients and the strength of their relationships in the industry.

Ask them the names of their active apps in the play store and download those. You must use the apps to test the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that they create.


2. How do they test their apps?


Confirm in the beginning if they would create only the app for you or they will also be conducting comprehensive testing. Also, ask them about the level of beta testing that they perform and the tools that are being used by them. Make sure that their team of professionals is equipped with the latest tools for the purpose of testing.


3. What are their client references, rewards, and reorganizations?


An established company providing quality services must have been rewarded by media, top-ranking communities, and magazines. Check if their web designers and developers have been credited at any time in their careers. Additionally, you should ask for client testimony or look out for the reorganizations over the internet.


4. How will the communication be conducted during the app development cycle?


Will you be communicating through emails or Skype calls or both? How frequently will you be given reports about your app’s working status?

Remember that you will have to be in continuous touch with the team or project manager to ensure that work is being done regularly on your project. Otherwise, they might neglect your project thinking that you are not concerned about it.


5. What special features can they provide for the app?


Before you assign them the contract, ask them clearly about the features that their developers can provide for the app. Users are continuously looking for something interesting and innovative in the apps, so will your app development company be able to deliver that?

Be sure that their team holds the quality to add edge cutting and contemporary functions in the app wherever required.


6. What will be the project cost and how much time will each development phase take? How do they determine their pricing?


Since it is a huge investment and most of the companies demand costs on an hourly basis, you should clear it out with them in the beginning that how much time will they take to develop the app before deciding if their rates are justified or not.

Ask them about all the extra pricing that you might have to incur in between the project or for any extra feature that would want to add. Be very cautious about the pricing and demand a detailed invoice at the end of each phase.


7. Who is going to own the app?


It is of utmost importance that you have a contract of confidentiality and copyright signed with the development company at the beginning of the project. You should be the owner of the app after it goes live (and even during the development phase). No information should be shared by the developing company with a third party.

Final Words

Take your time before finalizing an app development company – conduct proper research and ask as many queries as you want in the introductory meeting. It is very important that you select your service provider carefully to avoid any disappointments at the later stages.

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