Online Casino: 5 Types of Slots you must know!

by on December 24, 2021

Online slot games are on the rise now! If you are on a train and want to beat boredom, you will take your phone out of your pocket to bet on some slots, if you have extra time on some other players dream of winning a big prize that changes their lives in a blink and t changes their lives in a blink and they prefer jackpot slots, even players who do not like to put their money on the line play demo slots as a form of entertainment!

In terms of requirements, slot machine games seem innate, they don’t involve skills or decision making. There is not much that the player needs to do other than placing his bets and hit the start button. Compared to other casino games, slot machines have almost no rules. Why are these cute mini-games so popular?

The reason behind this may be the craving for big winnings without any effort, visual attraction, and also because they offer much higher payouts than other casino games. However, demo games are also very popular. There is a lot of studies and research that have been done on slot games since the 1950s until now that found that slot games are mentally attractive, they stimulate the reward system in our brains and make us motivated more than any other game.

The cash prizes are always luring

Slots reels evoke many different feelings. Since there are no special demands on the players, the games become interesting for players if they like the theme and symbols.

With the large selection of games available in the online casinos, it is not easy for many newbies to make the right decision. On most of the sites, the slot machines are divided into different categories. In order to find the most suitable kind you would try slots games in the demo mode first, then you can make a deposit and place real wagers to obtain the desired profits.

What types of slot machines are there?

Basically, slot machines can be classified into three different groups. Namely, classic slot machines, video slots and 3D video slots. In addition to the jackpot slots. A progressive slot can be classic or it can have the structure of a 3D video slot. There are also a number of other possible sub-categories, such as video poker or skill-based games. Check the Gamblingpro.pro website which reviews the best and the most popular slots! First and foremost, it is sufficient to understand these four terms.

Classic slot machines

A classic slot machine is based on the old machines with physically rotating reels. In the early days, the slots had no displays and all extra functions had to be implemented mechanically. For example, if you won, a mechanical door would open and pour some fruit candy or chewing gum out. For this reason, classic slot machines are usually rather simpler than video slot games. Very often there are only three reels. Since classic slot machines almost always have fruit symbols, these are also known as fruit slots.

Video slots

Video slots revolutionized the online slots scene. Suddenly there were video displays that could graphically reproduce the physical reels. Online video slots developers no longer relied on mechanical reels to spin. The modern digital graphics made it possible to add a lot of variety to the structure of the game. 

The player can be delighted by appealing animations, crisp graphics, cinematic soundtracks, and he can adjust to lively gameplay. In addition, since the video slots, there have been slot machine games with a high level of volatility and incredible bonus functions. Today the majority of gaming providers’ production are video slots.

3D video slots

As you can figure out from the name, 3D video slots have more sophisticated visuals than popular video slots. Of course, a 3D video slot offers all the advantages of any regular video slot. This type of slot game has the finest graphics and superb animations.

In addition, 3D video slots are often equipped with a continuous storyline and alternating characters with various extra bonus functions and intersected events that make the gameplay more exciting.

Progressive slot games

Progressive slot games are slots with a progressive jackpot. This can be a classic slot machine or a 3D video slot. The progressive jackpots increase with every stake placed up to an indefinite amount, until a single super lucky player wins the grand-prize! Progressive jackpots often reach the heights of millions. The record profit is currently almost 18 million euros, which could only be triggered by a cent stake.

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