ArcheAge publisher Kakao Games invests 20m dollars in Frost Giant Studios

by on January 26, 2022

Korean publisher Kakao Games have made a “major play” in the Western games market by investing a huge 20m dollars in indie outfit Frost Giant Studios. It’s a move that not only grows their portfolio, but also means Frost Giant are in a far better position to put out a belter in the coming years.

Founded in 2020 by Tim Morten (former Production Director of StarCraft II) and Tim Campbell (former Lead Campaign Designer for Warcaft III), the fledgling US-based indie studio is currently developing their first real-time strategy game, which will be announced later this year.

Despite Frost Giant Studios not yet putting out a game of their own, Kakao Games have absolute faith in them. CEO Kyehyun Cho said of the investment: “We look forward to seeing them present their first game as a studio and will actively work together to showcase good work through our close partnership.”

Image: StarCraft II (PC)

Image: StarCraft II (PC)

Kakao Games adds the studio to a list of others, including Korean outfit Ocean Drive Studio (developers of upcoming fantasy RPG Lost Eidolons) and Reality MagiQ, best known for developing VR titles.

Their 20 million dollars made up the lion’s share of the total 25 million invested by multiple companies, indicating just how much faith they have. StarCraft II and WarCraft III are both ranked amongst the most-celebrated real-time strategy titles ever released, which no doubt helped Kakao make the decision to invest such a vast sum.

Given the pedigree of Morten, Campbell and their team, it’s safe to say we’re expecting big things following the investment. An RTS game by such stalwarts of the genre could be a very exciting proposition. Morten himself says: “Kakao Games is a Publisher recognized in both the Korean and global markets; we are very happy to be working together. With their support we’ll do our best to present a next-gen RTS game that can be enjoyed by players worldwide.”

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