The first trailer for The Last Worker shows off fulfilment centre life

by on January 24, 2022

If you’ve always dreamt of working in a warehouse and gathering boxes for delivery, then the first trailer for The Last Worker might just interest you. This first person narrative adventure looks to have a heavy narrative focus, and isn’t afraid to poke fun at a mega corporation or two.

“Dispatching to all platforms in 2022, The Last Worker is a first-person narrative adventure centred around humanity’s struggle in an increasingly automated world. Combining a hand-crafted art style from comics legend Mick McMahon, with uniquely immersive gameplay mechanics in an epic setting, The Last Worker delivers an emotional, thought-provoking story filled with heartfelt drama, biting satire and intense action, packaged with rich characters performed by an all-star cast. Starring Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Jason Isaacs, Clare-Hope Ashitey, David Hewlett and more as-of-yet-unannounced top talent.

The Last Worker is a true labour of love and I’m lucky to be working with the best creative talent money can’t buy,” said Writer, Director and Producer Jörg Tittel. “With people like these, one can’t help but deliver the goods, but should we fail, I hope Mr. Jüngle can give me a job?”

“We have all become attached to the characters in The Last Worker. Seeing them transition from Mick McMahon’s sketches and then brought to life by such amazing actors has been a fantastic process to be a part of.” Said Ryan Bousfield, Creative Director of Wolf & Wood. “I’m extremely proud of the innovative approach taken by our team to create a rich and exciting world that is as immersive on screen as it is in VR. We’re looking forward to showing you the first elements of gameplay.”

The Last Worker is a truly unique experience, and we are proud to support both the innovative work of Jörg Tittel and the multi-talented indie studio Wolf & Wood in creating this awe-inspiring title,” said Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions. “We are excited to formally introduce players to Jüngle and the epic Fulfilment Centre in which the game is set. The intense, surprising, and heartfelt story is one that we cannot wait to share later this year.””

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