5 Common IT Support Issues For A Business

by on February 3, 2022

You work in an office environment wherein you sit in front and use a company PC or laptop all day. Your department is HR, Accounting, Engineering or any other section which only requires you to have a surface knowledge of IT which is relevant to your line of work in your department.

Have you ever had times when you badly need effective IT Support? The problem that is in front of you is either software or hardware IT related and you don’t have the skills needed to solve it yourself.

This could be very frustrating at times because you can only do as much. When the technical people who can solve your problem comes around to your cubicle or office and solves your problem, you heave a sign of relief because you can continue your work.

What are the usual IT Support issues that you encounter? Refer to this list and you might find something familiar to you.


It is considered that the most serious IT Support issue is employee security. 

48 percent of all data breaches are due to negligent employees who carry sensitive data with them, most of the time. 

Data could easily be lost to weak passwords, phishing attacks and unauthorized access to information. 

Mitigation of this risk is necessary. Weak passwords should be changed to stronger ones. The risks could also be solved through the creation of a map indicating who has access to sensitive data within the company’s network, then restrict access whenever necessary. 


This is so true for small businesses. They suffer much from the difficulties of integration of new hardware or software into the company’s existing network. Budget restraints is also a real consideration with these small companies. 

New or old equipment and software are both also mandatory to undergo regular maintenance from IT Support all year round. At least, regular maintenance can momentarily prevent errors like freezing, crashing and slow performance from deteriorating your company’s IT system. 


When new technology is proposed by IT Support, take the time to assess the current hardware to determine if they are compatible and can be upgraded without encountering any major problem which will disrupt operations. 

It is even better before making any new investment which entails heavy cost, to consult with internal IT Support or even outside IT experts before shelling out large amounts of company money. 

You don’t want the scenario of purchasing new IT equipment that is deemed useless and unnecessary when they’re already integrated into your present system. 


There is always an impending fear within a company that official data will suddenly be lost. Just losing 100 important files can cost a company an estimated $18,000 to nearly $36,000.

The possible scenarios which could result into data loss include a cyber attack, power outage, equipment malfunction or disorder and human error. 

A contingent data recovery plan initiated by IT Support should already be in the works (or already implemented) that makes use of cloud based data backup systems. This not only prevents data loss but also saves the company lots of money. 


The world of IT moves at a fast clip and organizations will be tempted to apply band aid solutions to technology problems. 

If the problems keep cropping up, it’s time for a steadfast corporate will to seek and apply long term IT solutions that gets to the root of the problems. Purchase updated equipment and software that effectively eliminates guesswork if the existing hardware and software are way past their expiry date. 

Permanent emergency and measures should already be in place and oriented to all employees as their preparation in case of sudden security risks occurring on the IT network. 

If existing IT Support cannot keep up with the challenges posed by technology problems occurring in the workplace, they should not hesitate to coordinate with outside IT consultants who could help them deal with malfunctions which are outside the sphere of what they have experienced in their training and in actual work. Some business prefer to keep their IT support company very closely located, especially if an engineer needs to physically visit the site. For example, a business in Leeds may hire the services from an IT support Leeds firm.

In this way, day to day operations of the company across all departments will continue to flow smoothly. 



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