Bitcoins Statistics: Future Trends

by on February 20, 2022

You cannot predict the value of a cryptocurrency. So, unstable crypto can give you a huge gain, or you can lose your total investment. But bitcoin is a popular choice of investors because they can gain a huge profit from Bitcoin, and they can also use their bitcoin for online purchases. According to recent trends, investors think there will be some collapse in the market, but Bitcoin will be the future of cryptocurrency. It was launched as a payment method, but now the bitcoin up website falls under an investment category. For example, the Bitcoin price in March 2020 was $5000, and it was raised to $30,000 in 2021, and it took the highest raise in November 2021 at $65,000. 

Why invest in Bitcoin?

According to the news and future prediction, investors think that society will be benefited from Bitcoin investment in future. Bitcoin is not a foreign currency that any government or bank can control. But now, due to limited users, bitcoin is accepted by a few numbers of shops and merchants. Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be stored in a safe wallet, and you do not need to carry your cash and cards for buying goods and services. So, no one can steal your money if you invest your amount in Bitcoin. Many companies, including PayPal, are accepting Bitcoin as a digital payment mode. 

  • According to the investors, more and more companies will start accepting Bitcoin once its popularity and usage increase. For example, you can use a platform like Bitcoin Era for your investment, and you can send your money and do your online transactions from the same platform. You just need to keep your password secured, and you do not need to carry your cash and cards anymore. 
  • Some people consider Bitcoin as an additional source of income. But you should not consider it as a source of income, and you should consider Bitcoin as a long-term investment. During the pandemic, a global economy has faced huge inflation, and many businesses are still recovering their losses. But Bitcoin users have earned a lot from their investment. 
  • There is a wrong conception that you need to invest a huge amount initially in cryptocurrency. You can start with a small amount, increasing your investment amount day by day. Investors always recommended that people not cover their entire investment portfolio with Cryptocurrency. You should use a diverse portfolio by adding different cryptocurrencies to your investment plan. It will reduce your risk of loss, as bitcoin is still highly volatile. 
  • What to choose – gold or Bitcoin? It is the first question that can hit your mind when you plan to invest in cryptocurrency because many people consider Bitcoin digital gold. Make sure you should not consider this digital currency as gold because gold is a metal that can give you a stable return, but you need to think about the depreciation value of this metal when you invest in gold. Apart from that, the gold market is also volatile, and the price of gold and silver can decrease in future. So, Bitcoin and gold are equally volatile, but Bitcoin is a better option than gold because you cannot carry your gold for buying goods and services, you cannot use your gold for online purchases, and you need to give secured storage space to your gold, which is very difficult. 
  • Fiat currencies can get affected by inflation, and you need to bear the losses. It can be prevented in the case of Bitcoin because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will not get affected by inflation. Goods and services traded through bitcoin can impact the crypto ecosystem during inflation, but you can predict the value of your digital assets beforehand. So, it can secure your future if you consider it as an investment. 

Wrapping it up !!!

So, Bitcoin is the future of cryptocurrency, but it cannot replace fiat currency. The government regulates fiat currencies, and people will use such currencies for their transactions, as people living in remote places cannot access a strong network connection to invest in Bitcoin. But still, bitcoin will stay as a trendy investment option always. Platforms like Bitcoin Era are promoting trading on a safe and secure platform.