What Will the iGaming Scene Look Like in 2022?

by on February 20, 2022

Running an online casino is a lucrative means of making money, however, it’s a very oversaturated market. There are a lot of customers, but they are offering their money to a lot of different casinos. If your iGaming site is going to stand out, they might need to get ahead of some of the biggest trends in iGaming that are set to become commonplace in the future. Read on for all the details.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is slowly gaining it’s footing. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is pushing for “the next stage in the internet”, expecting The Metaverse to be used as another social media platform, but the place it is most embraced and will be most embraced is in gaming.

But while the console wars rage on, trying to make the sprawling fantasy lands or haunted houses to run around in, the iGaming industry will pick up the slack the lack of quality games are offering. By giving users a place to play online slots like those introduced on https://www.onlinecasinolist.com/games/ and a more immersive casino experience, the gap between online poker and real-world poker will steadily but surely close.

An immersive experience

And then there will simply be those people who want to go back to the casino for the experience.

There are whispers that the big online casinos are trying to make online gambling as immersive an experience as possible. There are examples of this out there, already, with Twitch streams of professional players and tournaments for users to play online. VR can help with this immersive gambling experience, putting the player in Caesar’s Palace itself without having left their couch.

The problem with online gambling, to the users, is that it lacks the community environment that comes with real gambling. For online bingo players, for example, the stereotype is that it’s what the elderly do to make friends. No matter the age, the communal spirit of bingo is a big part of the culture around it. VR can bring that back to the game while still maintaining a physical distance.

Meanwhile, online poker players can take advantage of their VR experience to gain in their game. For now, technology hasn’t progressed within VR to offer anything more than an avatar, but these avatars imitate the actions of the player, which will allow for body language tells to help the player.


As yet, there are few practical uses for cryptocurrency despite its popularity. Unless you’re going to exchange it for the national currency where you are, you can buy a Tesla or a private flight and that’s about it. Except in iGaming.

iGaming is one of the few industries that have embraced cryptocurrency and are willing to trade in it. On a few websites, players can deposit, play with, and withdraw cryptocurrency. It has become an attractive option due to crypto’s decentralized nature allowing it to bypass the bank, and therefore forgo the 3-5 working days wait that comes with approving the transaction.

It’s possible that, as time goes on, this will become more commonplace in online gambling. More and more online casinos will offer cryptocurrency as a payment option amongst the usual credit and debit card options.

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