Wildcat Gun Machine | First Look Video

by on May 8, 2022

We wanted to bring you “first impressions” of some games we may not get to cover fully with reviews on the site or channel, so here’s Adam taking a look at Wildcat Gun Machine, available now. This version is the one from Epic Games Store.

“First Look” will often be the first time we’ve ever played a game, but in some cases it might be the first time a specific team member has played the game. We may do it for a bigger game, as an interesting way to see if the eventual review lines up with first look impressions after hours upon hours with a game. Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube Channel so you never miss a video in the series.

Here’s the official description of the game, directly from Steam (currently at £12.99):

Wildcat Gun Machine is an explosion roller coaster ride! Enter a bullet hell dungeon crawler where you take on hordes of disgusting flesh beasts with a wide variety of guns, giant mech robots, and cute kittens.

Explore sprawling maze-like dungeons and liberate giant mech robots from demonic elder gods. Enemy encounters are challenging and specifically designed – not randomized – to provide difficult combat puzzles.

Gear Up – Mow Down – Get Killed – Retaliate! Over 40 gun types to choose from. Each has their own unique features like auto-aim bullets, long-range laser beams or exploding rounds with a huge blast radius.

Super abilities that disintegrate everything on the screen!
Character upgrades to suit the player’s gameplay style. Players wanting a more forgiving difficulty can increase the times they’re able to respawn, while speedrunners can upgrade their movement speed and improve their dash skill.

Wildcat Gun Machine is available now for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

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