Hell is Others is coming to Steam this October

by on August 30, 2022

Hell is Others has been given a release date along with a trailer showing off the gameplay you can expect to see this October.

An “online multiplayer survival horror top-down shooter”, Hell is Others will be coming to Steam on October 20th.

It looks a bit like a horror-based Hotline Miami if it was multiplayer, so that has my interest immediately. Here’s the trailer:


In Hell is Others, you play as Adam Smithson as he does his best to exist in his tiny apartment, alone, high above Century City. His only companion is a bonsai tree, which he dutifully cares for. But like everything else in the city, his plant requires blood to survive. So Adam is forced to find a regular supply on the dark streets below. Players descend into the city to explore for resources and accomplish missions while trying to survive the night.

With the spoils of your trip down into the city, players can furnish their apartment with items that give them added perks or benefits while playing in multiplayer. Continue to water your bonsai tree and other houseplants with the blood of your enemies to grow custom ammunition.

A hybrid of customization mechanics and extraction-style gameplay, all set in a surreal, noir world, Hell is Others is a David Lynch-vibes game that features pixel graphics and a deeply compelling story. It is a slice of life in a nightmare city.

There will be a beta you can try if you’re interested, which starts on September 2nd at 4pm UK time (11am EDT, 5pm CEST), and you can sign up for that on the official Steam Page.

Hell is Others is coming to PC via Steam on October 20th.