3 Instagram Mistakes & How To Avoid Them : Useful Tips For Beginners

by on September 19, 2022

Instagram is not just an application for sharing square photos and chatting with friends. Now this platform is a powerful marketing tool that popular influencers, entrepreneurs and owners of large companies use in their work. But even they face some problems that are associated with the promotion of the page on the web.

To surprise and interest a lot of users, you need to know what methods and tools you need to use. But even that is sometimes not enough. Some authors do not follow logic and use ways to attract viewers not consistently. This leads to the fact that they lose potential followers, and the activity on the page drops sharply. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to approach the promotion of accounts wisely and use paid services correctly, such as the possibility to buy Instagram followers. This gives you an advantage over other newcomers and makes the page more presentable. But this is just one of several mistakes that instagrammers make. We will tell you about this in the article.

Overestimating hashtags. Keywords are an important tool with which you can become more visible on the platform and get into the recommendations feed more often. But don’t overdo it. Excessive use of tags can lead to the fact that your posts will look “advertising” or even ridiculous.

To avoid this, we recommend choosing a few thematic keywords that will be relevant to your blog. The optimal number of hashtags is from 7 to 10 pieces. Use them so that they are effective and useful, but do not look like a call or a canvas of various words. By the way, in order not to “clog” the text inside the post, you can write tags in the comments to the publication. Change the words every time to learn which ones help to create viral content and avoid useless ones.

You don’t use the features of paid services. The number of subscribers is an important indicator that directly affects how many users will subscribe to you in the future. Those bloggers who did not take care of this in advance, most often become uncompetitive and can have a lot of problems with account promotion. It is known that the more subscribers the author of the blog has, the more presentable he looks in the eyes of potential viewers.

One of the best ways to create a subscriber base quickly and easily is to buy real Instagram followers. There are a lot of such offers on the Internet, but before making a purchase, you need to make sure that the company is honest. Some of them sell bots or fakes under the guise of real accounts. This can negatively affect statistics and lead to a shadow ban. Take some time to study the information about the site and read the reviews of previous customers to be sure of a guaranteed result.

You don’t mix formats. Reels, IGTV and Stories are new assistants for bloggers that need to be used to constantly create interesting content. Don’t let the audience get bored and publish videos of various formats and topics. Using the ability to publish clips, you will be able to get into recommendations more often and become more visible in the media space.

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