Choo Choo Charles out on PC in December, and coming to consoles next year

by on October 11, 2022

Choo Choo Charles looks like an incredible feat: a one-person developed open world game, and now we also know it’s coming to consoles in 2023.

With an official description of “A horror game where you navigate an open-world island in an old train, upgrade it over time, and use it to fight an evil spider train named Charles”, you really do have to see this one in action to believe it. The one-man team of Two Star games has announced that Choo Choo Charles is coming to PC via Steam on December 9th, making it the perfect Christmas game, right?

Here’s the release date trailer:


On Twitter, the developer was asked about console releases “like PlayStation and Xbox”, and he replied, simply saying “Yep, console release next year”. It was also revealed recently (October 8th) that Tom Bellingham has been on composer duty for this one. He tweeted, saying “I can finally share with you all that I composed some of my favourite music for Choo-Choo Charles, including all of the music you hear in this awesome trailer. Such a fun project to have written for”.

Although the price hasn’t been set yet, Two Star also confirmed the game “has pretty good Steam Deck support”, which is a bonus for those of you out there who love playing games on Valve’s handheld-PC.

There’s another video that was released the same day as the release date trailer, where Two Star Games, also known as Gavin Eisenbeisz details the process of making an open world game in a year after having “no fucking clue” how to do it. He seems a passionate guy and the video is well worth a watch.


Choo Choo Charles is out on PC via Steam on December 9th.