Stranded: Alien Dawn has hit early access for PC

by on October 13, 2022

The games label for Frontier Developments has announced that Stranded: Alien Dawn, a new simulation is now available in early access on PC.

The developer, Haemimont Games (the team behind Surviving Mars) says that “throughout early access, players can be among the first to experience this thrilling planetary adventure in the beautiful yet unforgiving mountainous landscapes of Sobrius, while enjoying regular updates and exciting new content. Managing the needs of their small group of marooned survivors, they will need to utilise nearby resources to transform the crash site into a thriving base. Starting with nothing but the basics, survivors must salvage, harvest, and craft their way from the bare essentials such as beds and a campfire, to a high-tech fortress with automated defences. With a variety of modular building blocks and devices available to explore, from the simple to the grandiose, each ever-evolving base is completely unique”.


In this liberating new world, understanding survivors’ unpredictable surroundings is key. For the first time in early access, explore a world teeming with its own vibrant flora and fauna, while researching and acquiring knowledge in order to master its resources and make technological advancements. Forage, hunt, and farm food, develop medicines, weapons, and complex machinery.

With a wide range of survivors to choose from, utilising their individual skills, traits, and unique backstories is vital to ensure that they complement each other and can work together. As the group is pushed to the brink, battling against alien wildlife attacks, mysterious illnesses, and extreme weather, survivors will be at the heart of players’ every decision.

While caring for survivors’ basic physical needs with food, shelter and safety is vital, ensuring the group’s mental wellbeing is also crucial. Help survivors adjust and unite in unprecedented circumstances by keeping them entertained, minimising stressful situations, and strengthening their relationships. To secure the group’s survival, players must devise innovative solutions to overcome adversity and carve out a new path, as they experience the ultimate freedom of choice.

In early access, Stranded: Alien Dawn aspiring survivalists will be able to experience all of this and more, and can expect further updates in the coming months that will bring enthralling new content, fine-tune the game’s systems, and add even more depth to this striking alien world.

We’ve been playing this one for a week or so now, so will have some impressions on the game soon, but spoiler: it’s good!

Stranded: Alien Dawn is available to play in early access on PC via Steam now.