Liberté is coming to PC this month, release date trailer revealed

by on May 9, 2023

Developer Superstatic and Publisher Anshar Publishing have announced the release date of Liberté, along with a new trailer showing the game off. Liberté will be hitting PCs (via Steam) on May 23rd, mixing it up with a combination of roguelike, fast-paced combat, and deck building mechanics, and those phrases are sure to put it on a lot of people’s radars.

You’ll need to gather cards, make friends with folks, and uncover the story which includes Lady Bliss, an invader from another dimension, all while exploring and battling it out in the French Revolution. Check out the release date trailer, below:


“It’s so exciting to finally be able to give gamers a release date for Liberté later this month,” offers Kajetan Wyrzykowski, Narrative Designer. “We think players are going to find both the Parisian setting, and the easy to understand but difficult to master Card system enthralling from day one, and we can’t wait to see them lead René to victory.”

Here’s a list of the features that’ll be in the game:

  • Tackle an Action Roguelite mixed with a Deckbuilder: Players unlock cards and build decks that unlock skills, passives and game changing mechanics to make their avatars stronger.
  • Build your unique playstyle with cards & skins: Mix and match from over 100 Skills and Talents cards. Go full-on guns-blazing, cut your way out with blades and axes, hit your enemies with a guitar, and sing the revolutionary song!
  • Lead René in his human form or use the skin-shifter ability to play as one of the characters – Master Hunter Victor, Tribal Warrior Flea, or Revolt Leader Ana: You’ll encounter mighty enemies too, and face the curses of the Bliss, so make sure to come to the battlefield prepared.
  • Unravel the horrifying mystery of the Bliss: Guarded by the all-mighty Eldritches, the gardens of the Bliss are dangerous places, but as you do the monster’s bidding, you will uncover the mystery of who Lady Bliss is and why she chose you for her secret mission.
  • Immerse yourself in over 40 hours of dialogue: Inspired by the real French Revolution events, characters, and architecture, Liberté pulls you into a world on the brink of annihilation – body horrors, political maneuvers, and attempted assassinations all included.
  • Witness a tug of war with four unique factions to support: Choose a side to unlock additional rewards.

Liberté hits Steam on May 23rd, and will cost $19.99 / €19.50 / £16.75.