Satisfactory update 8 detailed, available now on experimental servers

by on June 13, 2023

Coffee Stain Studios has confirmed the details of Satisfactory update 8, and released the latest build including it to experimental servers. The update is one of the biggest in ages, since it includes the roll out to the engine update (to Unreal 5) for Satisfactory, as well as adding loads of other features.

Regarding that engine update, Coffee Stain says that “with the intention of future-proofing the game as much as possible, upgrading earlier means any issues can be ironed out throughout Early Access, providing a more stable game on full launch. This transition is part of a long-term process, so players can expect to see more of the benefits of Unreal Engine 5 in Update 8 and future updates”.

Check out the new trailer below, and the list of updated and new features for Satisfactory update 8.


Available through a new Tier 4 Milestone, ‘Expanded Power Infrastructure’, new Power Towers allow power lines to be connected over larger distances. These new additions also have the added benefit of improving the zipline tool, by providing longer high-speed cables to zoom across without interruption.

For the more organised players, the introduction of the Priority Power Switch offers greater control of power grids. Serving as a circuit breaker, these devices allow for Priority Groups to be configured across the entire power network. If a factory experiences higher power consumption than production, sections of the factory will be automatically shut down as required in order of lowest to highest priority, until power is stabilised. This helps to keep production running where it’s most crucial. As an added bonus: this bad boy also provides the possibility for players to remotely toggle on and off power to large sections of their factory.

This new update brings new features to many areas of the world; from refined cliffs, to polished textures, landscape touch ups, and the introduction of the ‘Cliff Hog’ and the ‘Nuclear Hog’.


Alongside the existing ‘Arachnophobia’ setting, ‘Disable Arachnid Creatures’ has been introduced, which removes spiders entirely. Players will also be able to swap between three respawn settings: ‘Lose Everything’, ‘Keep Equipment’, and ‘Lose Nothing’. These are all part of the brand new ‘Advanced Game Settings’.

Players that wish to experience all Satisfactory has to offer can take advantage of the new ‘Advanced Game Settings’. These customisable options will allow players to tailor their in-game Satisfactory experience to their playstyles, with the ability to unlock all MAM research and buildings, remove power limitations, fly, and much more. With a whole arsenal of tools and buildings at their disposal, players will find factory life to be a walk in the park.

Check out the full list of features on the official Steam post.

Satisfactory is available now on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.