Time bending VR puzzle shooter We Are One is out now

by on June 1, 2023

Flat Heat Studio has announced that it’s Steam and Meta Quest time-bending VR puzzle shooter, We Are One, is now available to purchase.

Speaking about the release of the game, Philipp Sigl, Co-founder & Programmer at Flat Head Studio said: “Watching and interacting with your past selves is a one-of-a-kind sensation that shines in VR. The time loop mechanic is integral to building an army of one, but how each level’s sequence of events unfolds depends on what actions each clone performs. You must think several steps ahead and walk in your future self’s shoes to solve the game’s puzzles”.

Check out the information on the game below (from the press release) along with a trailer, showing it off, below.


Players will fight back against the dominant industrial machine that has ravaged the world by utilising the power of Mother Nature herself. This power manifests itself in the ability to produce indistinguishable clones. Each clone loops the action performed by the player, allowing for unbridled creativity through dynamic time-manipulation.

In We Are One, a player’s ability to manipulate time is just as fundamental as the ability to aim, shoot, duck and dodge. Work alongside the clones to find the optimal path of attack and put those shooting skills to the test. An additional level of challenge is introduced with the task of considering reloads and having to pass magazines between future and past versions of clones.

Play through over 50 increasingly complex levels, which demand that players think outside of the box to utilize clones in swift and explosive ways. Players will need to consider how their current actions can interact with the future and use that ability to fight back against the ever-expanding army of machines. We Are One takes inspiration from popular VR puzzle shooters, while injecting a unique dose of time-manipulation to create a wholly unique experience.

Patrick Liu, Head of Publishing at Fast Travel Games, said: “We Are One has been one of the highest rated games on App Lab for a long time now, and we are really proud and honoured to work with Flat Head and finally bring this fantastic VR gem to official store fronts”.

Fast Travel Games also say that it’s been designed for beginners as well as VR veterans, as it has plenty of comfort options, and you can teleport around the playable areas easily.

We Are One is out now for PC (Steam) and Meta Quest.

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