Omega Strikers update adds new character, maps, and more

by on July 7, 2023

Odyssey Interactive has released a major update for Omega Strikers which adds lots more content, including a new mode, and as part of the content update, a mystery for a new character reveal which was solved by the community in under two hours.

Fans had been curious as to who the new character was, but the developer was surprised by how quickly fans worked it out, saying “Okay. Wow. You all revealed Finii in… less than 2 hours???! SO. Finii, the Tenacious Trickster, is available now!! Get into Omega Strikers, try her out, and have some fun with her gravity-bending magic!!”.


The game itself is free on all platforms, and this new update is called High-Tea Hijinks, and adds a host of new content, as follows:

  • Rotating Goal Mode: a brand-new mode with rotating maps, featuring the four bubble tea teams and a challenge to reveal the culprit! All Strikers on the map will have their own Hijinx buff which will grant 125 Move Speed, 75 Power, 30 Ability Haste, 35% Size and increased in-game experience gain!
  • New Maps: Flipped, Corner Pocket, Back to Back and About Face
  • New Emotes: four new Emotes corresponding to each flavored team, with the winning team’s emote available for free at the end of the event and the remaining three available for purchase with Style Points
  • New Titles: “Caffeinated”, “Boba” and “Jelly”, available through limited-time event rewards
  • New Emoticons: “Dubu Barista” and a mystery emoticon, available through limited-time event rewards

As well as that, there are quality of life improvements and bug fixes, with a full list available here.

Lyle really likes Omega Strikers, and gave the game a 9/10 score in his review, saying: “Omega Strikers is a fantastic and innovative multiplayer game, which is easy to jump into but has plenty to master. Learning how to best use different characters is seriously compelling, and those progression hooks kept me coming back for more every single day. With a bit of luck and regular updating, this could be the multiplayer success story we’ve needed in 2023”.

Omega Strikers is out now for all formats, including mobile.