The Walking Dead: Betrayal gets Early Access date

by on August 30, 2023

Skybound Entertainment has today announced that The Walking Dead: Betrayal will be entering Early Access via Steam on September 14. Featuring action and exploration, it pits up to eight players against herds of walkers, where both cooperation and deception are vital to survival.

Out of resources, with a horde of walkers on their heels, players must work together to complete objectives and escape in The Walking Dead: Betrayal. They’ll need to work fast, as walkers aren’t the only threat they will have to face in rural Canada. While these survivors struggle to escape, incognito ‘traitors’ lurk among them, plotting to do everything in their power to delay repairs, and prevent anyone from leaving. As evidence of their sabotage becomes apparent, paranoia and accusations threaten to tear the survivors apart as they desperately work towards escaping.

Players can purchase Early Access via The Walking Dead: Betrayal Steam page, and by doing so, they’ll unlock the Rick Grimes skin for free. A free weekend is planned for the game between September 14 at 6pm BST and September 18 at 6pm BST.

We were fortunate enough to go hands-on with the game alongside the developers at Other Ocean, and said, “Although my time with The Walking Dead Betrayal was short, I got to see a good amount of it to know I’ll be revisiting when it comes out. When the walker herd finally comes, you’re panicking whilst trying to escape, adding a further layer of strategy and survival in the dying moments of a game. Watching friends turn into walkers and attacking you is devastating, and if you become one yourself, you can attack any players that have managed to avoid being bitten. Other Ocean has thought of everything, and it’s replayability is fantastic, given the sheer amount of options as both a survivor and a traitor.”