HAWKED enters Early Access next week

by on November 21, 2023

MY GAMES has announced its PvPvE extraction shooter HAWKED is set to enter Early Access via Steam on November 30. The free-to-play title has drawn comparisons to Fortnite and Uncharted, where players are dropped into a mysterious island known as X-Isle, filled with monsters and plenty of treasure.

To coincide with the announcement that HAWKED is entering Early Access, a brand new trailer has been released that shows of an institution known as GRAIL, dedicated to “preserving human history through the art of treasure hunting.” The trailer gives players information on who GRAIL are, and that they’re after treasure hunters to enlist as Renegades, ready to loot treasure, solve puzzles, and fight monsters.

If you’re not entirely sure what HAWKED is all about, below is a list of key features that’ll hopefully explain it in more detail:

  • Become a Renegade and squad up with pals to explore this new world as you battle monstrous Disciples, outwit other players, and escape with a bounty of ancient treasures!
  • Outfox and outgun rival Renegades and Disciples in a race to the top spot! Beat them all to the punch by locating Glyphs, unlocking the Treasury, and extracting valuable Artifacts.
  • Plunder the island’s supplies to switch up your playstyle on the go. Gather weapons and ammo, upgrade and combine gear, employ special abilities and tech, and wield mystical Artifacts.
  • Traverse a mysterious island filled with lush plains, jungles, and ancient ruins. X-Isle will continue to evolve—be part of the story as it unfolds in limited-time events and Seasons!
  • Solve puzzles, dodge deadly traps, and hone your treasure-hunting skills to score the best loot. Extract it to upgrade and customize your character!