Harvest Island is coming to Steam on October 10th

by on September 26, 2023

Yobob Games has announced its horror, story-driven farming game Harvest Island is coming to PC via Steam on October 10th.

With an ideal of “Farm, fish, sacrifice”, Harvest Island is a bit of a different game to the usual “cozy genre” that has been so popular of late. The game is set on a remote island and the protagonists are Will and Samantha. The two are living with their father who “has a deep, dark secret”.

The new trailer (below) starts out pretty familiarly: a nice pixel-art style, fairly cheerful music, but then by thirty seconds in, it’s gone very dark indeed, and there’s darkness and gutted animals, and… well, check out the trailer for yourself. We’ve also popped the official word on the game below the trailer, too.


Bolstered by its cute and cozy art style (but don’t be fooled), Harvest Island is all about exploration and farming with a story mode option for players who choose not to focus on farming. Take in the colorful pixel art and horror-realistic sounds as you stumble upon everything the island has to offer or tries to hide. With over 180 items to collect across the island, from seashells, sharks, coconuts, and low tide critters, to plenty of sticks and logs; players will have plenty of resources to collect to please the gods and to expand their farm.

Along their journey, players can also befriend various animals like raccoons, moose, deer, seagulls, sea lions, and more, as well as fish to help keep up their stamina. The island may seem welcoming…at least at first, but your curious itch tells you otherwise. It’s your job to discover why you’re on this remote island with your sister and father and why your father is telling lies.

Harvest Island is a single-player horror farming simulator that focuses on rich storytelling and immerses you with its unique horror-farming themed gameplay. Players must be creative and resourceful -using the tools they crafted and the items they collected on this island for the gods – ​ to earn Bless, a currency used for upgrading the farm. As the story unfolds, players find out the unsettling and heartbreaking answers to the game’s most pressing questions. Why are you on the island? What is the significance of the gods? What is your father hiding?

Harvest Island is coming to PC via Steam on October 10th.