Gaming on a College Budget: Top 5 Tips to Build an Affordable Gaming Setup

by on October 19, 2023

College life presents a variety of difficulties and challenges, such as juggling your workload with your social life and, of course, your budget. A high-end gaming setup may seem out of their price range even though many college students enjoy playing video games. Nevertheless, relax! With the right approach and some wise decisions, it is entirely possible to create a gaming setup that won’t break the bank. Let’s go over the top five recommendations for setting up a gaming setup on a college budget.

1. Prioritize Essentials Over Luxuries

When putting together a gaming setup on a limited budget, it’s critical to make the distinction between necessities and extras. Despite their allure, a high-end gaming chair and RGB lighting are not necessary for a productive gaming session. The primary components directly related to gaming performance are the PC or console, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Spend the majority of your money on these items. Begin by looking for discounts and sales on these necessities. Buying used or refurbished items from reputable retailers can help you save a lot of money. 

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2. Consider Budget-Friendly Gaming Platforms

Modern consoles and top-tier gaming PCs can offer top-notch gaming experiences, but they can also be prohibitively expensive for college students. Consider less expensive gaming platforms that provide premium gaming opportunities without breaking the bank. One option is to build your own gaming PC, which allows you to choose the components based on your requirements and budget. 

Consider selecting free or cheap gaming platforms like Steam, the Epic Games Store, or GOG if you want access to a broad selection of affordable games. Make sure you see this article to learn more about the best games for students. They are designed to give you the most fun at affordable prices.

3. Explore Free and Affordable Games

Gaming doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby because there are so many free and affordable games out there. Online multiplayer games like League of Legends and Dota 2, as well as battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, are just a few examples of the many free-to-play games available. These games won’t set you back any money and can keep you occupied for hours. Popular games are also frequently on sale and at discounts on websites like Steam and the Epic Games Store. 

4. DIY Upgrades and Repairs

It’s not necessary to forgo performance when creating a budget gaming setup. Sometimes, a few simple DIY improvements and fixes can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Put money toward quality over flash. When making purchases for your gaming setup, it’s essential to place a higher value on quality than hype. Expensive gaming equipment may not always offer a better gaming experience despite flashy marketing and features. 

5. Reviews

Read reviews, seek advice from other gamers, and thoroughly research a product before purchasing. Look for parts and accessories to get the best performance and value for your money. Remember that the gaming experience is more important than the brand name or the most recent style.

Key Takeaways

It is entirely possible to play games while in college with some careful planning and resourcefulness. Make sure to prioritize the essentials, research affordable gaming platforms, take advantage of free and cheap games, think about DIY upgrades, and spend money on high-quality parts that offer the best value. You can create a cheap gaming setup that allows you to play your favorite games without going over budget with these tips. Therefore, raise your gaming abilities while reducing your student loan debt!



Charlie Martin is a professional writer with experience managing student budgets and a passion for video games. Charlie has established himself as a trustworthy resource for other students attempting to navigate financial challenges. Charlie is an avid gamer who adds to their diverse skill set by having a deep understanding of the gaming industry and its culture in addition to their financial expertise.