Vampire Dynasty announced, coming to early access in 2024

by on November 30, 2023

Toplitz Productions and Mehuman Games have together announced Vampire Dynasty, a new entry in the “Dynasty” franchise, coming in 2024. The game is set to blend dark fantasy with deep story, offering branching dialogue paths. The developer also promises blood, and “lots of it”.

The series has previously been known for being more “historical”, but Vampire Dynasty will be open world fantasy horror, set in a fictional location, the Balkan area of Sangavia. The developer says that “as a surviving victim of a vampire attack, you will not only have to learn to utilize your new-found abilities but also find a place in a society where vampires are at the top of the food chain”, adding “to ensure the advancement of your vampire clan, you can either go solo or team up with up to three more players in co-op mode and explore the rich game world, uncover its secrets, fight against vampire hunters as well as build a keep as a testament to your eternal reign”.

You can check out the announcement trailer here, but we’ve dropped the gameplay one below, as well:


Construct a castle towering over your new realm and uncover the secrets laying underneath the castle hill. But be careful – that discovery will grant you near absolute and corrupting power over your human subjects.

With branching dialogue and game altering choices you decide where Vampire Dynasty will take you. There are multiple endings to be experienced before you venture on and keep exploring the visually stunning world of Sangavia, made possible with the power of Unreal Engine 5.

Michał Ciastoń, CEO of Mehuman Games and Lead Designer on Vampire Dynasty said: “We embrace the challenge to deliver a gaming experience that both veteran Dynasty players as well as fans of dark fantasy and horror games can equally enjoy. We have always been fans of both the occult and sinister as well as sandbox games. We cannot wait to show you more of what we achieved by merging both of these worlds”.

Matthias Wünsche, CEO Toplitz Productions, adds: “When it comes to the Dynasty franchise, we are always exploring new concepts and settings. The incredibly talented team at Mehuman Games has put their heart, their soul and a lot of blood into Vampire Dynasty to raise the bar of what is possible with the signature genre-mixing formula. Yet they stay true to the roots of what encapsulates the beloved gaming experience expected by Dynasty fans around the world”.

Vampire Dynasty is available to wishlist on Steam now, and is coming to early Access in late 2024.