Penny’s Big Breakaway gets a new animated trailer

by on December 1, 2023

Private Division and Evening Star has released a new animated trailer for Penny’s Big Breakaway, a 3D action platforming game coming in 2024.

The trailer introduces five bosses from the game, “Sailor Sheila, Mr. Q, The Taboo Artist, Judge Rufus, and Emperor Eddie – that players will encounter as they swing, dash, flip, zip, and trick their way through a variety of challenging worlds”, and honestly, this ones looks lovely, and if you’re still not sure after seeing this new video, check out the announcement trailer here, which shows off more in-game stuff.

Check out the animated trailer, below:


In Penny’s Big Breakaway, you play as Penny, an aspiring court performer who is on the run after her yo-yo created quite the commotion during her audition at the royal palace. In response, Eddie the Emperor commands his loyal penguin forces to capture Penny and her stringed companion, Yo-Yo. The chase is then on, and it is up to you to help our hero escape capture over the course of 12 vibrant, geometric worlds!

Penny isn’t the only star of this show: her trusty partner Yo-Yo, while largely to blame for causing this chase, provides plenty of abilities to assist in your getaway. Throughout the game, you can find tasty treats which her yo-yo can snack on. When consumed, these delicious items will temporarily unlock new power ups such as increased movement speed, a protective shield, and more. In addition to powerups, Penny’s yo-yo can pick up a variety of single-use tools, which can be used to bust down an area revealing secret treasure or magnetically pull in collectibles just outside Penny’s reach. Her versatile yo-yo might be hungry for chaos, but it could also be just the trick to clear her name and absolve her of this massive mix-up.

“At Evening Star, we have a deep passion for expressive, character-driven games that focus on a concise and satisfying move-set. For our debut title, we challenged ourselves to bring that approach into not only a new IP, but to an entire 3D world,” said Christian Whitehead, Creative Director at Evening Star. “Penny’s Big Breakaway has been a wonderful opportunity for our team to grow creatively and technically as a studio, and we can’t wait for players to perform plenty of slick tricks with Penny and Yo-Yo!”.

Michael Worosz, Chief Strategy Officer, Take-Two Interactive, and Head of Private Division said: “Evening Star are experts in the platforming genre, having been entrusted with an iconic gaming franchise, and delivered one of the best platforming experiences in recent years”, adding “Penny’s Big Breakaway is an exciting debut title that brings an all-new protagonist to life in a memorable world, and it has an enormous opportunity to be a smashing success due to its broad appeal”.

Penny’s Big Breakaway is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S in “early 2024”.