Mario vs Donkey Kong demo out now on Nintendo eShop

by on February 1, 2024

Nintendo has announced that a demo for upcoming puzzler Mario vs Donkey Kong is now available for free on the eShop.

The game is a remake of the classic Game Boy Advance title, and the demo will let you try out four levels from the first world of Mario vs Donkey Kong for yourself.

You can see the game in action via our video preview, below.


Solve puzzles, overcome challenges and find the keys to rescue the Mini-Marios and thwart Donkey Kong. The demo also gives players a first look at the new Two Player Co-Op mode, in which they can share one Joy-Con with a friend and team up as Mario and Toad. Players will also have access to the game’s new difficulty settings –Classic Style features the same difficulty level as the original Game Boy Advance version. Anyone who wishes to take things easier, can try Casual Style with no time limit and the ability to restart from checkpoints.

We recently previewed the game, and had this to say: “With a whole lot more levels to test out, I can already see the difficulty slowly climbing, and I can see a time coming where I’ll be replaying over and over, trying to get that “Perfect” text appearing on screen. The word charm is used a lot in games these days, but from the cut-scenes to the animations, this is a superb looking experience. While it may not seem like a massive game, co-op changes each level so that it’s a slightly altered version, instead of just adding another player. Really, I have nothing to complain about so far, and Mario Vs Donkey Kong is looking like yet another stellar remake in the Nintendo catalogue.

Mario vs Donkey Kong is coming exclusively to Switch on February 16th.