Demon’s Mirror coming later this year, new demo out now

by on March 25, 2024

Good Shepherd Entertainment has announced Demon’s Mirror has a brand new demo today as part of Steam’s Deckbuilders Fest.

But that’s not all, it’s also been confirmed that Demon’s Mirror will be coming later this year, while the demo itself will be available until April 1st, so if you want to try it out as part of the Steam Deckbuilders Fest, probably get on that sooner rather than later, before it’s gone.


Demon’s Mirror is a new roguelike deckbuilder that fuses the deckbuilding and grid manipulation genres immersing players in a terrifying world of suspense and strategy. Through deck-building and chain-3 (matching 3 or more tiles) mechanics, players are challenged to restore balance to a dark and chaotic realm via one of three demons. Set off on your quest, find and collect new cards to gain power and harness punishing combos in this completely unique roguelike deckbuilder.

Face challenging turn-based combat encounters with formidable enemies and unpredictable scenarios that change with each run. Don’t panic though, as making hasty decisions will lead to your demise. Survival in Demon’s Mirror is reliant upon mastering the strategic balance between playing cards and chaining tiles. Unique grid manipulation adds a fresh complexity to combat encounters, empowering players to unleash devastating combos while chaining tiles to attack, defend, and gather resources.

Chase the perfect run as no two playthroughs will be the same. Chance events will cause you to make interesting choices, strange creatures will present themselves to you and discover hidden secrets throughout the world.

Here’s some of the key features, from the Steam page:

  • The game has roguelike elements so no playthrough is ever the same
  • Encounter challenging enemies that have distinctive move sets. They will make you think about how to defeat them instead of mindlessly playing cards and chaining tiles until you win or lose
  • Fill your deck with the perfect set of cards to both directly battle your opponent and to manipulate the game board
  • Chain tiles to attack, defend, gain Willpower (the purple gems) and Essence (the green tiles). Collecting enough Willpower triggers your character’s Super move. Essence is automatically spent when playing certain cards to make them more powerful
  • Find or purchase one-time use scrolls from the shopkeeper. Scrolls have a wide range of uses such as instantly gaining more action points, a strength buff, or making your next “tile chain” free
  • Discover powerful artifacts that will give you exciting new powers and potentially change your strategy for that run
  • Encounter random events where you’ll make interesting choices, meet strange creatures, and uncover secrets about the world

Demon’s Mirror is coming to Steam later this year, and a demo is available now.