Mar10 Day: New Mario movie coming 2026, two release dates announced

by on March 11, 2024

Shigeru Miyamoto has announced release dates for two upcoming Mario titles and the news of a new Mario Bros. movie is in the works. As part of Mar10 Day, Miyamoto-san took to the internet to reveal that Nintendo and Illumination are working on a follow-up to last year’s smash hit The Super Mario Bros. Movie, as well as the official release of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Remake on May 23, and Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD on June 27.

With regard to the new Super Mario Bros. movie, Miyamoto revealed a release date for it, along with what fans can expect. He said, “This is Miyamoto. We are now creating a new animated film based on the world of Super Mario Bros. This film is planned for release in theatres on April 3rd, 2026 in the US and many other markets, and throughout the month of April in other territories.

We’ll let you know the details once we’re ready to share more. This time too, the staff at Illumination and Nintendo are working together. We’re thinking about broadening Mario’s world further, and it’ll have a bright and fun story. We hope you’ll look forward to it!”

The final announcement from the video (which you can watch below) revealed three Game Boy games would be coming to Nintendo Switch Online. Dr. Mario, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis would all be arriving on March 12. Mar10 Day is always fun, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the remake of Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion 2HD. For now, though, we might just go and rewatch the incredible Super Mario Bros. Movie and sing ‘Peaches’ for the rest of the day.