Arcadia: Colony coming to Switch in May

by on April 16, 2024

Kibe Software House has announced its Metroidvania-title Arcadia: Colony will be coming to Nintendo Switch on May 16th.

Described in the press release as an anime Metroidvania, we’ve got a new trailer announcing the Switch version, and all the info on the game, listed below.

Check out the trailer, first:


Embark on an astonishing adventure as you descend into the mysterious depths of the Colony, a subterranean sanctuary that is a place of peace for its people. Attacked by the People of the Sky who will stop at nothing to secure the Colony’s secrets, three heroes will risk everything to protect their home and the balance of all nature

Together, Airi, Enji and Tazpo have the power to turn the tide and restore peace between the Earth and the sky!

Claudio David, game director and founder of Kibe Software House, said: “Arcadia: Colony is a vibrant world made of surprising locations, an interconnected society that is home to colourful characters and lively environments, yet under attack from alien machines”. David added, “We wanted our three heroes Tazpo, Airi and Enji to be symbols of the game’s themes: a Colony of different Tribes with different relationships and different stories to tell. Diving into the Colony is a challenge that is worth overcoming: the more you explore, the more the story connects, and hidden secrets are revealed.”

  • Arcadia: Colony was a Kickstarter title last year, as well, and managed to gather $14,000 over a few days. Here’s a few of the key features listed on the Steam page:
  • Switch between three unique characters: play as Tazpo, Airi and Enji to face the invasion. Each character has unique skills and will immediately come to help once you use the respective ability. Together you will win every challenge!
  • Environment Bosses: huge Puppets invaded the Colony, causing massive damages. Exploration itself is the way to beat them! Find their weak points and they will leave, freeing your friends and letting you freely explore the world!
  • Anime Style: meet unique characters and know their personalities. Explore an amazing world with an awesome Anime-looking aspect!
  • Unique Interactions: every character has unique dialogue and interaction with other characters you will meet. Some of them may give you some information only if you talk to them with the right hero, so understand who’s in front of you!
  • A Mysterious World: the Colony is a place of peace and joy, but something is hidden in the underground and some questions need their answer. Why the enemy invaded the Colony in the first place?
  • Fast Platforming: jump and dash all over the world! Some places may hide information that will lead you in the deepest parts of the Colony.

Arcadia: Colony is out now for PC, and will hit Nintendo Switch on May 16th.