SKALD: Against the Black Priory release date confirmed for May

by on April 5, 2024

Publisher Raw Fury has announced High North Studios’ retro-styled RPG SKALD: Against the Black Priory is coming on May 30th to digital platforms. That means it’ll be hitting PC via Steam and GOG, and it can already be wish-listed on Steam as from today, April 5th.

The developer says on Steam that the title is “dark and gritty”, adding it’s “set in a grim-dark fantasy world of tragic heroes, violent deaths and Lovecraftian horror, in SKALD: Against the Black Priory, choices matter as players explore an engaging storyline mixed with crunchy tactical, turn-based combat and character customization”.

And to announce the release date, we’ve got a brand new trailer you can check out below:


SKALD: Against the Black Priory is inspired by roleplaying games of yesteryear, combining modern design and compelling storytelling with authentic 8-bit looks and charms.

Delve into a dark fantasy world, full of deadly creatures, tragic heroes, and lovecraftian horror for an epic retro-style adventure rich in exploration and tactical, turn-based combat. Do you have what it takes to lead a company of broken heroes from the tainted shores of Idra to the gates of the Black Priory – and beyond?

Lead a band of broken heroes through challenging turn-based combat scenarios as you cleave, blast or stealth your way through deadly enemies of all definitions. Equip your heroes using a modern inventory system, fulfil objectives through quest logs, read journals to discover hidden secrets. And if the action is still a bit too hot to handle, auto-resolve to bypass conflict entirely.

As well as the trailer, a new updated demo has been made available as part of the “Lovecraftian Steam Event and Turn-Based Steam Strategy Event, happening now until Monday, April 8″.

The game has “authentic pixel art, built from thousands of hand-drawn tiles and images using a palette inspired by the legendary Commodore 64 computer”, and also there’s an “optional CRT filter for true retro aficionados also included”.

SKALD: Against the Black Priory is coming to PC via Steam and GOG on May 30th, and will cost £4.79.