Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip release date confirmed for this month

by on May 14, 2024

Super Rare games and developer snakeflat has announced its adventure game Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip is coming on May 30th to PC.

Described as quirky and offering “free-roaming exploration, chaos, and wholesome interactions”, the new announcement trailer for Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip kind of gives you a very good impression of what it is, and whether you might like it (spoilers: you will probably want to play it after watching). Check that new video out, below:


In Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip, players step into the flip-flops of Terry, a dreamer with a wild goal: to launch himself into the cosmos in a car of his own invention. From the unassuming beginnings of a simple job application, Terry’s adventure takes a giddy turn as he sets out to build the ultimate interstellar banger. Players can explore the tiny open world town of Sprankelwater, bursting with secrets to discover and a menagerie of unforgettable characters to meet (and annoy).

Players will find themselves collecting an assortment of wacky items as they explore the world, but the real fun begins when it comes to souping up their trusty car. By collecting TURBO JUNK, players can transform their vehicle into a magnificent spacefaring machine, to help Terry achieve his astronaut dreams.

Here’s the list of key features from the press release:

  • Explore a densely packed, tiny open world town at any pace and in any way you like. Slow, fast, by foot, by car, by paraglider! It’s up to you.
  • Uncover a wholesome story through hilarious interactions with weird Sprankelwaterians.
  • Collect TURBO JUNK and upgrade the boost capacity of Terry’s very own car.
  • Catch insects, dig holes, destroy cars, become rich, wear hats.
  • Listen to a joyful and heart-warming soundtrack from the composer of Wuppo.

Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip is coming to PC via Steam on May 30th, and it’ll retail at $17.99 / £14.99 / €17,49.