Last Epoch: Harbingers of Ruin update is now live

by on July 10, 2024

Developer Eleventh Hour Games has announced the first major gameplay update for Last Epoch, Harbingers of Ruin, is now live.

The update itself is free, and just downloading it means you’ll get two unique rewards: the Gloomfeather pet, and Misummer’s Dream back slot cosmetic. All you need to do is link your Steam account for Twitch drops. The update includes new features, fan-requested changes, and quality of life updates.

Check out the new trailer, below:


Cycle 1.1 adds “new bosses, the Harbingers, a Nemesis system for new rewards, and progress through the ranks of the new Forgotten Knights faction”, with the team adding that: “All of this leads to players eventually coming face-to-face with Aborroth, the all-new and all-terrifying Pinnacle boss.”

There is a new requested “evade” move that lets you quickly get out of the way of powerful attacks, and there are also thirty (30) new unique items being added to the game, including the Glyph of Envy, and the Harbinger’s Needle.

Quality of life improvements include “a new Blessings Stash, more Loot filtering options as well Legendary Potential and Weaver’s Will filters, changes to Merchant’s Guild and Circle of Fortune ranks, being able to search the Monolith Timeline” and many more. You can check out the full list of update and changes on the Steam news page for the game, here. There’s lots more information in the video below, where the game director, Judd Cobler, talks about the changes.


In our 9/10 scoring review, we said: “After five years in early access, Last Epoch has launched into 1.0 with a resounding bang. It offers a great deal of content and build diversity, perhaps almost to a fault in some ways, and the general gameplay is enjoyable and engaging. It’s aesthetically a very pretty game, cleaving a little closer to Lost Ark’s style than anything else, and the enemy and location variety is more than broad enough. Time will tell if it can stand up to Diablo 4 and, perhaps more pointedly, Path of Exile 2’s impending release, but for now, Eleventh Hour Games should be proud of what they’ve delivered. Last Epoch is a compelling, addictive, and above all creative ARPG that more than deserves its place in the genre.”

Last Epoch is out now for PC via Steam.