Codemasters Release The Second Bodycount ‘Behind The Bullets’ Video

by on August 8, 2011

The world of Bodycount is one where players can pull the trigger with “no moral ambiguity about killing absolutely everybody” say the development talent behind the forthcoming shooter that invites gamers to go ballistic.

Prepare to “kick the ass out of the world”.

In the second ‘Bodycount: Behind the Bullets’ video series, the team from Codemasters Studios Guildford showcase the latest turbo-charged gameplay and discuss the design principles that define this unique game-world.

The ‘Behind The Bullets Part 2: The World’ video explores how Bodycount’s art direction, class-based enemies and setting come together to deliver the perfect platform for chaotic firefights. As the developers discuss their determination to step into “different territory”, gameplay footage shows some of Bodycount’s gameplay highlights, including shredding tech, its cover-lean mechanic and AI that work together to deliver aggressive, distinct and exaggerated arcade gunplay.

“You feel like you’re really kicking the ass out of the world,” said Max Cant, Art Director. “There’s so much environmental destruction, you’re never going to get the same playthrough twice, each building will be different.”

Game Director Andy Wilson added “Bodycount’s AI is completely class-based. On top of that we’ve got three factions, the army, the militia and the Target. Whenever these factions meet, they’ll fight in a completely dynamic way and that class-based behaviour on both sides will dictate how that battle plays out. It’s different every time, and it’s going to be a different experience for you each time you go in and attack.”

Bodycount is set to fire into retail on August 28th (North America) and September 2nd (EMEA) for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.