[CLOSED] Competition: Win One of Four Mass Effect 3 Art Books

by on May 22, 2012

Mass Effect 3If there’s one thing we like here at GodisaGeek, it’s giving you the chance to win some fantastic prizes. And once again, I think we’ve got something brilliant to give away.

Thanks to the lovely people at BioWare we’ve got four Mass Effect 3 art books to give away to four lucky readers. The art books are filled with some stunning art work from the Mass Effect universe, and they would make the perfect coffee book table for any fan of the series, or anyone who enjoys the art of videogames.

To be in with a chance of winning one of these books, simply provide an answer for the question below.

  • If you had the chance to paint the Normandy, what colour or style would you paint it in? Would you want to intimidate the Reapers with some frightening war paint, or perhaps make them smile with a jolly colour scheme?

Leave your answer as a comment below, and once the competition is over I’ll pick the four best answers, and each of those people will receive an art book.Good luck!

Terms and Conditions: The competition is open to UK RESIDENTS ONLY. The closing date for the competition is Friday May 25th at 5pm. The winner of this competition will be chosen by the editors of GodisaGeek, and the winner will be notified by email. Any entries that do not meet the criteria listed will be disregarded, and the decision of GodisaGeek.com Management is final. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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  • Gemma


    I would not paint it to scare the Reapers because I very much doubt a bit of paint would scare them :P However I would think about painting it just like a Reaper to camouflage the Normandy! With a Red beam on it and so on but because of the structure of the Normandy that might not work (or just paint it in invisibility paint :P )

    If none of that worked I think I would paint it with the N7 sign and Normandy wording in orange. and then the black strips on the original Normandy I would paint all my squads armour colours in it, in some kind of pattern of course lets not make this baby messy.  Under the wings all squad mates can paint what their fighting for. Mass Effect Fan for Life! My game, my passion my addiction! :D 

  • Anonymous


    I would paint the Normandy as dark as a bullet, representing the fact that Shepard will be the one to finally take down the Reapers once and for all, as well as making the Normandy harder to spot from them and others (like Cerberus).

  • Silverblacktears

    I think I’d paint mine to match Shep’s armour though that could be a bit annoying given how often I change my armour colour! They’s have to repaint her a lot.

    That said, on a whole it would be a rich dark blue because I love that colour; I suppose if I were smart I’d paint it space coloured and add some fake stars to make it camouflaged! XD

  • Gem W

    If I were given completely free reign with the scheme/style then I think I go with some kind of monster mural all the way along it. Perhaps a Rachni Queen, or more likely a raging Thresher Maw because one took down a flipping Reaper! If seeing Shep stepping out of that wouldn’t intimidate the galaxy into working together, I don’t know what would.

  • Ben

    I wouldn’t paint it as such, but install mirrors across the entire hull.

    Maybe reflective space paint, it is the future after all! We’ll go with that. Either way, making the entire ship reflective would put attackers off and blind anyone if Joker decided to position himself at the perfect angle from a nearby sun. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5CYWJUNE3TNYWHBVB6XR3BH7VA Cameron

    I would paint it Black as the space through which it glides, bringing silent death to Reapers and Cerberus alike.  I would etch in gold the names of those lost, turning the hull into a larger version of the tribute within.  Finally, I would add kill-markings for every reaper I had destroyed along the side, inspiring allies, and sending a clear warning to any Reaper unlucky enough to see it.

  • Andrew

    I think that I would base the Normandy off (I think) one of the best and most well developed characters in the Mass Effect Universe: Garrus.

    So how about having the Normandy painted the shade of Garrus’ blue armor with highlights of the light blue colour on his eye piece. The tips could be painted with the colour of his pale turian skin and maybe even a blood red scattered about the place for his scars from when he was injured on Omega. 
    And possibly  ”Can it wait for a bit, Harbinger? I’m in the middle of some calibrations.” painted across the side with a little picture of a smirking Garrus next to it. Make the reapers chuckle at least…

  • Hendri19

    Tangello. We’d scare them away with the nasty orange hue.

  • Pgiganti11

    Paint Wrex and Grunt covered in rachni and thresermaw blood toting claymores and smoking cigars, who wouldn’t be intimidated?