The Godcast: Season 6 Episode 21

by on December 13, 2013

For the last time this year, Adam and Colm get together and discuss what they’ve been playing in the past week. It’s still very much a PS4-based podcast, but don’t fear, as next week we’ll be bringing you a podcast every day of the week as we start our game of the year deliberations.

So join the duo as they tell risqué-jokes, do bad impressions, and front up with some hardcore honesty.

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  • Zayne Waymen

    what is a minge? and how do u do it responsibly?

  • http://GodisaGeek.com/ Adam Cook

    I have no recollection of saying “minge” during the cast, so I’m gonna assume Colm said that?

  • Colm Ahern

    I’m pretty sure you did. I told you the tagline of the VGX was “binge responsibly”, you said, “minge responsibly”, then I did a Mel B impression. I believe that’s how it played out.

  • Zayne Waymen

    Lol thanx guys i’ve now googled it so no reason to fight over who said it :) Thanx for the show its really informative and funny. Hope you both have a happy xmas cheers

  • http://GodisaGeek.com/ Adam Cook

    You too. Minge is a colloquialism for Vagina.

    I have a feeling I said “Merry Mingemas”, didn’t I? And the scary thing is, I don’t drink!

  • http://GodisaGeek.com/ Adam Cook

    Ohhhhh, NOW I remember. I though I was the Irish one? What’s going on?