How LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 could be better than the first


by on June 4, 2017

There’s no denying it, Marvel is one of the hottest properties in the world right now, thanks in no small part to Disney’s bottomless pockets and a cracking set of movies that have grossed more money than I can even imagine. But games haven’t exactly been Marvel’s strongest point, despite some great use of its licences, which is where Traveller’s Tales came in. With the addition of LEGO, TT had created some wonderful and genuinely fun games that all the family could enjoy, including LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Batman. It seemed only natural that Marvel should feature somewhere.
In 2013, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes arrived. It was fantastic, too. Unlike previous LEGO games, this one eschewed movie licences in favour of creating an original story that could include almost every character in the comic giant’s repertoire. Now, four years later, its sequel has finally been announced.
But what will we get this time? Here’s a few things I’d like to see…

Ditch the previous consoles
Is this a bit harsh on those who haven’t moved away from the Xbox 360 and PS3? Maybe. But hey, it *has* been over three years since the current machines arrived and the constraints of those older consoles are only holding back the potential of these games. Just imagine what TT could do with the full power of PS4 and Xbox One!
Get creative
While we’re talking about potential, and the power of the new machines, why not borrow from LEGO Worlds? I’m not talking about creating a Minecraft-esque game with Marvel characters, but a little more creative building would bring more LEGO to the series. It would be nice to be able to build your own headquarters, at least.
Open world
The last game (and the Avengers one) had an open city to explore at your leisure, between missions, and they were littered with mini-games and side quests to keep players entertained. You could unlock new characters by doing missions for them, or simply discover secrets around the map, but it was still quite by-the-numbers. Citizens didn’t really do anything other than walk or drive, but how about something a bit more dynamic? A mugger might seize the purse of an old lady, prompting you to jump into action as Spider-man, a bank robbery might result in a police chase, with Iron Man flying overhead to stop the criminals’ car, or maybe you’re playing as Apocalypse and fancy starting a fight? This could result in the X-Men turning up to stop you, or something like that. This more dynamic world would certainly add an extra dimension to the open world aspect.

Who are you again?
I know I’ve mentioned the X-Men and Spider-man, etc., but it would be nice for lesser-known characters to take centre stage this time. Of course, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers will probably nab the spotlight and that’s to be expected, but why not give someone like Squirrel Girl a proper leading role instead of being relegated to simply being a bonus unlockable character? There are so many characters in the Marvel universe, and it would be great to see the lead roles taken up by someone other than Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.
Cinematic schminematic
The first game had nothing to do with the movies and this should be no different. I expect an original storyline (or at least something inspired by a collection of unrelated comic events), one that can utilise the full roster of Marvel characters. Most of us love the movies, but they would only hold back LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2’s storyline.


Free for all
The LEGO games are some of the best local co-op games available, especially for those with children, but they’ve always been limited to just two players. Why not up that limit? With the additional power of the Xbox One and PS4 at TT’s fingertips, surely four players could be possible via local co-op or, failing that, perhaps with online play? It could even add a versus mode, perhaps via something inspired by Professor X’s Danger Room, allowing for some fun battle modes. Imagine a group of Switch players linking up in handheld mode, battling alongside (or against) one another.

Of course, these are just my personal preferences. It could be almost identical to the previous game and I’d probably lap it up like the stupid nerd that I am, but with a few changes here and there, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 could be something even more special than the last one.