New Metal Gear on the way

by on May 27, 2009

As some of you might know Kojima Productions have had a teaser site up for a week or so now hinting at their new game. Up until now all we have had is a few letters/numbers and a couple of countdowns, nothing much to write home about. That has now changed, when the latest countdown ended a few hours ago two more letters flashed up on screen (P and R) but then after a few flashes of thunder we saw this:


Yes folks, that is Big Boss or well it certainly appears to be anyway. After the weeks of Internet speculation I think we can safely say that a new Metal Gear game is on the way and that it will possibly be set after the events that took place in MGS3. Now all of us at God is a Geek are huge fans of Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear series so we scoured our usual sources to find this extra little nugget of information for you:


This is a scan from the latest issue of Famitsu and as you can see on the left hand side of the page, there is what appears to be an image of Raiden with another countdown overlapping it. Our guess is this the image that will show up when the next countdown ends, which is scheduled to be June 1st (the start of E3). However even though the image bares a great resemblance to Raiden, Kojima is a sneaky guy and we think that it could even possibly be Gray Fox aka the Ninja from MGS1. Now that certainly would make things very interesting!

Finally, from what we gather in this article Kojima talks to Famitsu about the new Metal Gear but key words are covered up with solid white circles at the request of the great man himself. It certainly seems like he wants to keep certain things under wraps, probably (we hope) in preparation for E3. Excited? We certainly are.

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