E3 2009: God of War 3 gameplay footage

by on June 3, 2009

So we’ve all seen the screen shots and the trailer from a couple of months ago where Kratos showed us his new gauntlets and proceeded to climb Gaia. Following that, I’m sure you were all excited as we were and anxiously counting down the days until E3 where everyone expected Sony to show us the game. Well, the Sony press conference took place today and we got what we asked for as Christmas came early for us at GodisaGeek and all gamers out there. So without further adieu, here is the God of War 3 gameplay footage in all its splendor.

  • Now the beauty and epic feel of this gameplay footage is quite splendid. The first thing I noticed about the game is the amazing detail added to Kratos’ armour. Unfortunately the current footage doesn’t show this detail but trust me when I say it is quite the beautiful sight. When a high definition version of the trailer becomes available we will most certainly post it for you. The second thing that stood out would be the amazingly visceral and brutal combat. Everything seems to be very much intact from the previous games but for Kratos’ final outing, Sony have gone all out to give us brilliantly brutal combat. Just watching the action unfold, watching Kratos tearing off the limbs of mythical creatures gets me all pumped up. The final aspect, which amazed me is the epic scale and feel of the game. Now God of War has always been an epic looking/feeling game even on the PS2 but seeing it brought to life with the power of the PS3 is quite something. Just one glance of Atlas making his way up Mount Olympus will make you feel like you are part of something great. That being said, we were slightly disappointed we didn’t get to see the 50 enemies onscreen at once like we were promised a while back but the feeling of everything being bigger, badder and more brutal is all to apparent.

    God of War 3 is due for release exclusively on the PS3 sometime in March 2010.