The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – A Whiplash of New Information

by Aaron Sullivanon October 14, 2011
Nintendo has been gently spoon feeding us information about the latest Legend of Zelda game, Skyword Sword in the lead up to its release. Today a few more titbits of information were thrown out into the wild. • Lake Floria and the Parella Tribe: Later in his quest, Link must make his way to an as-yet-undiscovered section of the […]

Batman: Arkham City Launch Trailer

by Aaron Sullivanon October 14, 2011
The release of Batman: Arkham City is on the horizon and we are all very excited here at GodisaGeek. As is customary with big releases these days we have a launch trailer to pine over for the remaining ten days until release. Trailers from Rocksteady Studios seldom need explaining due to their quality, so sit […]

Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 Coming to PS3 in 2012

by Aaron Sullivanon October 14, 2011
Those who played Final Fantasy XIV will know that it was essentially a coded mess! In fact taking the time to list all its horrific wrong doings would take too long. However, director Naoki Yoshida and Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada are far from an ignorant bunch and have decided to give the game a major overhaul. […]

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Change the Future Trailer

by Aaron Sullivanon October 14, 2011
Square Enix have been busy in the editing lab as they bring their extended Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Change the Future” trailer to New York Comic-Con. The  trailer comes in at a whopping eight minutes long and is a moderate sprinkling of old and new footage as Serah ventures on a quest to save her sister.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC Priced for UK

by Aaron Sullivanon October 13, 2011
Following the Gran Turismo 2.0 update Sony has confirmed the pricing for their latest bit of DLC concerning Gran Turismo. In an effort to take advantage of the new updated physics, added cockpit views and photo modes the latest DLC will come packed with new cars, tracks and accessories. The “Complete Pack” which includes an […]

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Developer Session for Playstation Access Members

by Aaron Sullivanon October 13, 2011
Eager beaver gamers will be given a chance this Saturday (that’s the 15th  October) to attend a developer session with Naughty Dog for the upcoming release of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. The invite is open exclusively to members of PlayStation Access. Those in attendance will be taken to a secret London venue inspired by the fictitious Pelican […]

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BioWare TV: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Preview

by Aaron Sullivanon October 13, 2011
The Internet is awash with news of Mass Effect 3’s recently announced multiplayer mode. Some are discouraged by the idea, while others think it fantastic, but if you are not quite sure what the new mode will entail then look no further. The latest BioWare Pulse episode on Bioware TV takes us through what we […]

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Announced for 2012

by Aaron Sullivanon October 6, 2011
If you are a big Transformers fan like us you would have thoroughly enjoyed Transformers: War for Cybertron; A game that managed to bring some fresh designs and ideas, while remaining as true as possible to the original Generation one television series. Well, High Moon Studios has been kind enough to inform us that its sequel will be […]

Dead Rising: Off The Record Release Trailer

by Aaron Sullivanon October 5, 2011
So October 14th is fast approaching and in response Capcom thought it a mighty fine time to give you a chance to catch up. Have been wondering what exactly Frank West has been up to the last time you saw him? Well now is the best time to find out, but we have a sneaking suspicion it […]