Midsummer Fire Festival Broken

by on June 21, 2009

It’s that great time of year folks! The Bulmers cider adverts are in full flow, the BBQ’s are on and the evenings just seem to be endless. It’s Midsummer and with it comes the in-game world event called the Midsummer Fire Festival.

My memories of the festival from last year are fond ones, I really enjoyed the festival as it had a great mixture of fun things to do. The daily quests were unique and a little challenging at first, the quest to honour fires of your own faction and burn those of the opposing faction was a great way to re-visit the old world and also a good way to earn some gold with each fire giving 13 gold. Ahune the frost lord was another great addition. He was added to the slave pens, offered a unique boss experience and epic quality loot. The fire festival was an all round good world event.

So I was looking forward to this years festival and woke up a little earlier than usual this morning so I could get out there and honour those fires. I logged in to find that there was some quest that automatically gave me a head piece because of what I had achieved last year. “Great start” I was thinking and proceeded to do the two immediate quests available to me. They were daily quests to juggle torches and throw torches at targets. I finished off my quests handed them in and nothing, there was no other quest for me to do so I got on my mount and started hunting down the fires. I reached the Eversong fire but could do nothing to honour it so I logged on to my Death Knight and found that he could do all the quests with no problems. However it was then that I realised I could not complete the quests because I had done them a year before which poses a problem for me and other people in my position. To get the holiday achievement you need to get about 350 tokens to buy the summer clothing but the tokens come from honouring and dishonouring fires making it impossible to attain enough tokens.

The “Flame Keeper” achievement is required to do the meta achievement which rewards a 310% speed mount, if this issue is not fixed it could mean a whole years work has been undone.

It would appear that this problem is an oversight and the development team at Blizzard are working to solve the issue.

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