New Heavy Rain trailer released

by on August 19, 2009

We have already been introduced to two of the characters that will be part of Heavy Rain and this afternoon at GamesCom another was revealed. The characters name is Ethan and he has suffered an immense tragedy in his life. Ethan had two young sons, one of them died after getting lost on a crowded street and then getting hit by a car. Ethan blames himself for this tragedy and as a result, over time, he has grown somewhat detatched from his other son. This all changes though as his remaining son somehow gets kidnapped by the Origami Killer (the “main enemy” of the game) and he has only four days to save him. Ethan sees this as chance for redemption and he will go through any lengths to save his son.

I have been looking forward to Heavy Rain for a long time now (probably since the tech demo was released back in 2006) and the more I hear about it the more excited I get. The mature themes/topics the developers are touching upon are enough for me to be interested but when you throw in unique gameplay mechanics (no game over screen) and some stunning visuals, well let’s just say I can’t wait until March 2010.

Anyway have a look at the trailer that was released today and make your own mind up about Heavy Rain. 🙂

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