Final Fantasy XIII Japanese Release Date Revealed?!

by on September 7, 2009
Japanese Release Date?!

Japanese Release Date?!

Ah the internet is a wonderful place; a place where secrets are non-existent…..especially gaming secrets. By snooping around and then fiddling with some “code” on the Japanese Final Fantasy XII website some folk have “unearthed” an image which reveals the official release date for the game in Japan. December 17th, that is when the game will be released in the land of the rising sun.

If that Japanese release date is indeed true then that probably means the game will be released in the US a couple of months after and then in Europe 5 years later! Oh ok, I over over exaggerated that last prediction a “little” but if past “tradition” is anything to go buy then us Europeans will probably see the game right at the end of 2010 or something. Obviously I hope I am wrong because let’s face it…..damn this game looks good!

Source: Kotaku